In the spotlight: anti-third mandates keep the pressure on

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Demonstrations by women against a third term of office for Ouattara, in the Cocody district of Abidjan, August 21, 2020. AFP / Issouf Sanogo

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How to manage inevitable pre and post-election crises



Wonders the daily




Whether in Côte d'Ivoire or Guinea, where the outgoing president remains clinging to his chair ...

In Côte d'Ivoire, points out the Burkinabé daily, “there is 

no question of boycotting the presidential election of October 31, but the opposition reserves the right to do everything possible to obstruct this election with civil disobedience if the CEI and the electoral code are not upset, if the great judges of the Constitutional Council are not dismissed, if the political proscribed are not back in the fold and if Soro, Gbagbo and all the other failures are not re-registered on the competition table


Sunday in Abidjan, there were gathered the flock of Gbagbo, Soro and the whole galaxy of Bédié, Toikeusse, in short all those who are up against this third term of Ouattara considered illegal and unconstitutional.




to also point out the situation in Guinea: " 

Iterative and continuous marches also in this country planned from September 29 against the will of Alpha Condé to remain in power

: this is what the FNDC announced. , the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution at the start of the electoral campaign for the October 18 poll.

The scene is therefore set in Abidjan as in Conakry by two oppositions who want to block the road at all costs to Ouattara and Condé, who do not intend to back down.


Protests, recriminations, violence

Africa at the polls

: between good students and tricksters


the online magazine Enjeux Africans

takes stock of the various African presidential elections this year.

In total, ten presidential elections were scheduled on the continent.

Togo and Burundi opened the ball, respectively in February and May last, the remainder spreading throughout this second half of 2020: Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Niger, Tanzania, Seychelles.


Presidential elections which frequently rhyme with protests, recriminations, even post-electoral violence.

A situation further aggravated recently by the temptation of some leaders seeking to escape the limitation of mandates by constitutional tampering.

But the situation varies from one country to another

, points out African issues.

If there are the first in the class where the various democratic mechanisms function properly, there are also the


where the situation remains uncertain and whose number tends to increase as we have seen for ten years. .

A situation denounced by civil society organizations on the continent.

Will the forthcoming consultations allow Africa to erase its image as a poor student of democracy


 "Asks the magazine which replies:" 

Nothing is less certain.


 Not village chiefs, heads of state!


And then another rant about this from the Guinean writer Tierno Monénembo.

We need real heads of state, not village heads

 ", he

denounces in an interview with

Point Afrique


Tierno Monénembo who is launching an online petition in support of a manifesto text “ 

Stop the presidency for life in Africa


the writer attacks

Alassane Ouattara in


: “ 

His presidential candidacy on October 30 is shocking from a moral point of view as from a legal point of view.

It is a flagrant violation of the Constitution

, considers Tierno Monénembo,

a provocation, a stab in the back of democracy.

Alassane Ouattara would have served Africa greatly if he had kept his promise not to run for a third term.

It was believed that he would have left this kind of pettiness to others.

His university profile and his macroeconomic record predisposed him to do better.

Hopeless !

 Exclaims the Guinean writer again.

Now, instead of setting a good example, this gentleman, who was taken for a true statesman, opens even wider Pandora's box!

This fatal gesture which delights Alpha Condé will surely tempt Macky Sall, Roch Kaboré and the others!

Poor Africa

, concludes Tierno Monénembo,

after the coronavirus pandemic, that of the third term




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