If we did not know the background, it would be easier to believe in the appeal to unity and loyal cooperation between administrations that chaired the meeting this Monday between Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In a

calculated scenographic gesture

, the president traveled to the headquarters of the autonomous power in Puerta del Sol to present himself as the rescuer of Madrid's besieged by the pandemic that the ineptitude of the PP has failed to control.

Only a forgetful citizen can swallow this Manichean propaganda

when the truth is that Sánchez first failed to prevent the first wave, then he hastened the de-escalation for parliamentary and economic reasons under the criteria of non-existent experts and finally declared the battle against the virus won and urged the Spanish to enjoy the summer, leaving the management in autonomous hands.

And he went on vacation.

Ayuso, for his part, was not diligent in recruiting trackers or in reinforcing primary care on time, but he is right when he demands a "national umbrella" and points out the legislative absenteeism of the central government.

Madrid has characteristics - of population density, of high mobility - that long ago advised a specific plan coordinated between Moncloa and Sol:

a co-governance that is not reduced to an empty slogan


Because if Madrid gets sick, soon all of Spain will get sick.

"It is not an ideological battle but an epidemiological one," said Sánchez himself, who has placed Ayuso on the target of a fierce campaign, led by his faithful Lastra and Ábalos.

I wish we could believe that the resort to confrontation was buried this Monday


But the sanchismo already has us accustomed to combining the Doberman and the victimhood to soften and confuse.

Hopefully management will be a priority again, but the department of Salvador Illa is still not capable of accurately counting deaths and infections.

Both Sánchez and Ayuso know well that another state of alarm would be lethal for the economy, driving many Spaniards previously hit by the pandemic into poverty.

It is discouraging to think that the second wave, warned ad nausea, once again finds citizens exposed - who also have their share of irresponsibility - and politicians locked in a

polarization strategy that exonerates them from the drink of having to be held accountable


And where the propaganda does not go, Dolores Delgado arrives, ready to abort from the Prosecutor's Office any attempt to investigate the government's efforts in defense of the victims.

It didn't take so much flag paraphernalia to activate a joint work team that should have been cooperating for months.

Hopefully it will serve now to stop the spread, but it is hard to believe it when the same day

the PSOE joins a demonstration to agitate the streets against Ayuso

, which reveals


good cop



And while, Torra announces controls to Madrilenians who arrive in Catalonia.

Disabled for everything but xenophobia.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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