The headquarters of the Madrid regional government will host today the first bilateral meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso since both took their positions.

It is inexplicable that the presidents of the Government and the Community of Madrid have not held a meeting between the two so far, taking into account the severity of the pandemic and the particular incidence of infections in the capital and its different metropolitan areas.

Such an extreme is not due, of course, to the Madrid president but to Sánchez himself, who has not hesitated to despise Ayuso's repeated calls - through letters and by phone - to see each other's faces.

Moncloa reacted late in Madrid.

Only the dangerous increase of the curve during the last week has set off alarms, which led Sánchez last Friday to accept Ayuso's request to hold a meeting between the two.

This appointment, which will take place this afternoon at Puerta del Sol, cannot remain in a mere pose for the gallery.

A photo is no longer enough.

The fight against the coronavirus, which unfortunately attacks again in a virulent way throughout the national territory, requires strengthening cooperation at all levels and materializing what the President of the Government defined as "co-governance", a concept empty of content if it does not exist the real political will on the part of the Executive to assume its responsibility when articulating, leading and coordinating public policies to stop the spread of the virus.

The Community of Madrid has an extraordinary health system, but a vulnerable point has been revealed due to the impact of factors such as demographic density, mobility and, as the president of the Madrid employer's association pointed out yesterday, a clear lack of trackers in the primary care.

The measures approved by the regional government, which imply restrictions in 37 health areas of this community, should serve to stop the transmission of Covid.

This requires not only ensuring compliance with them, but also the assumption by the whole of citizens that only from individual responsibility can the virus be stopped.

The Government of PSOE and Podemos, more concerned about partisan tactics than health management, has left the Community of Madrid alone.

It is evident that both Sánchez and Podemos are trying to erode the PP in the person of Díaz Ayuso.

Proof of this are the street demonstrations promoted by the radical left, Podemos and Más Madrid, to protest against the measures ordered by the Madrid Executive.

A capital irresponsibility promoted from ideological sectarianism and scientific denialism.

The president of the College of Physicians of Madrid, Manuel Martínez-Sellés, maintains today in our pages that "it is regrettable that politicians are throwing the pandemic in their faces as a thrown weapon."

It is time for Sánchez to abandon partisanship and face the second wave of the coronavirus from institutional loyalty with all the CCAA, starting with Madrid.

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