Actor Ha Ji-won honestly confessed about his unique popularity in high school.

In the SBS Radio Power FM'Dousi Escape Cult 2 Show' broadcast today (21st), the main actors of the movie'Collateral' Ha Ji-won, Seong Dong-il, and Kim Hee-won appeared as guests and told various stories.

On the broadcast that day, a listener who said that her cousin was from the same high school as Ha Ji-won appeared and reported witnessing of Ha Ji-won in the past. "I want to live as an older sister even for a day," he said.

Ha Ji-won responded, "I really don't think I put a note on it." When I think about it now, it seems like he woke me up with a good heart, but I didn't know at the time because I didn't notice.”

Actors Kim Hee-won and Seong Dong-il, who appeared together, trembled, saying, "While Ha Ji-won was sleeping, the other male students took off the memo because of jealousy."

'Collateral', led by Ha Ji-won, Kim Hee-won, and Seong Dong-il, is a film about the story of an unrecognized loaner'Doo-seok' and his junior'Jong-bae' who went to collect the money and raised 9-year-old'Seung-i' as collateral. , It is scheduled to be released on the 29th.

(Photo = SBS Power FM Doosi Escape Cult To Show radio capture, Ha Ji-won Instagram)

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