The Gard was hit by violent floods, especially in Valleraugue.


D. Tral / Météo Languedoc

  • 718 mm of water fell in the town of Valleraugue during the Cévennes episode, including 360 mm in three hours, a new three-hour record in mainland France.

  • 46 people saved from water by land or air in the Gard thanks to the intervention of firefighters.

  • A caregiver of 64 is still missing.

    The emergency services fear that she was taken in her car.

In the space of twelve hours, it fell in the town of Valleraugue, in the Gard, the equivalent of more than a year of rain in Nîmes, or 718 mm of water (or 718 liters of water per m2 ).

And in particular 360 mm in space in three hours, setting a new record in metropolitan France over this period of time.

“718 mm of water fell in twelve hours, that's the equivalent of one year of rainfall in Nîmes, underlines Christophe Ferré, manager of Météo Languedoc.

In general, the accumulations were close to 300 to 500 mm in the Cévennes Gardoises.

Such values ​​would have led to dramatic human catastrophes if they had taken place in the plains.

Fortunately, the affected areas are acclimatized with a population sensitized to the risks.

The same in urban areas would have been apocalyptic.


During this Cévennes episode, forty-six people were saved from the waters by the firefighters engaged on the bad weather front in the Gard.

Placed in red vigilance, the Gard suffered very heavy flooding during the day on Saturday.

The night from Saturday to Sunday, on the other hand, was relatively calm.

Météo France has changed the level of vigilance of the department, placed in yellow storm vigilance, until 7 p.m.

A missing caregiver

A 64-year-old caregiver is still missing.

She was last seen in her vehicle near the town of Pont d'Hérault.

"A dog team is on site in addition to the teams engaged to scan the two banks of the Hérault around the point where the person was spotted before his disappearance," explains Commander Eric Agrinier, head of communication for the Gard firefighters. .

A reconnaissance will also be made by helicopter ”.

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In total, the firefighters intervened in 46 rescues of people threatened by the rising waters, in the two most affected sectors: that of the Borgne valley and the Vigan-Pont d'Hérault - Valleraugue sector.

Six of them had to be hoisted.

The damage is very important after the floods in the Gard.

- Languedoc weather

The firefighters have also carried out 420 safety measures or population displacement for preventive or curative purposes, including 200 in the municipality of Valleraugue alone.

They can now return to their homes.


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