[Explanation] Recently, a short video of "96-year-old sister giving 200 yuan to 101-year-old brother" became popular on the Internet. Many netizens were moved by this moving scene and left messages for blessings.

The reporter learned that the incident occurred in Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. At that time, the 101-year-old elderly Mo Jiahuang from the county town to a town about an hour’s drive away and his 96-year-old sister had a brief meeting and said goodbye, and the story behind this It's even more moving.

  In the picture, at the time of parting, the 96-year-old sister catches up with the 101-year-old brother and handed over 200 yuan to her brother to buy some delicious food. Before the words were over, the two were already in tears.

It turned out that at the beginning of September, the old man Mo Jiahuang accidentally fell, which made his sister Mo Jiaxiu very worried when she knew about it.

  [Concurrent] Mo Rongwang, son of Mo Jiahuang

  (My aunt) called and asked me if my brother fell and where did he fall?


  The old man lives in the county seat, and his younger sister Mo Jiaxiu lives in the township. She feels distressed that her younger sister is prone to motion sickness, so Mo Jiahuang decided to let his son take him to see his younger sister.

  [Concurrent] Mo Jiahuang

  If you don’t go back to your home, you can’t see her. If you don’t go home, you can’t see her.

  [Explanation] In this way, the old man returned to his hometown in the town and met his sister who was concerned about him.

As soon as the younger sister saw her brother, she asked him about the injury.

  [Concurrent] Mo Rongwang, the son of an elderly Mo Jiahuang

  Just when I showed it to her, my aunt asked, where did you fall, brother, and she shed tears.

  [Explanation] After a brief meeting, the two brothers and sisters are going to be separated again. The family members of the elderly saw the scene of the brother and sister reluctant to leave, so they recorded the scene with their mobile phones.

  [Concurrent] Mo Rongwang, son of Mo Jiahuang

  At that time, I was a little bit in tears, and then my aunt said, brother, we are seeing each other less, indeed.

  [Commentary] Mo Rongwang told reporters that his father, aunt and siblings have always been in a good relationship. When they are older, it is difficult for them to travel together. The younger generations in the family will accompany the elderly to read books and play mahjong every day. Keep the elderly happy.

  [Concurrent] Mo Rongwang, the son of an elderly Mo Jiahuang

  My father and aunt live so long, mainly because they have a good mentality, and their children and grandchildren are full of families. The main reason is that our big family and small family are very harmonious. There is only one parent. When he is old, we must take care of him. old.

  Huashan Ruan Huangyong reports from Jiangxi Xiushui

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]