Mickaël, candidate of Everyone wants to take his place, in September 2020. -

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He will console himself by telling himself that he is part of the Top 10 candidates of

Everyone wants to take his place


Mickaël, the ninth greatest champion of the game of France 2, lost this Sunday by Marc, the young mayor of Rieux (Oise) at the end of his 82nd participation.

The 48-year-old videographer leaves with 72,600 euros in earnings.

“It's as if all of a sudden, an enchanted parenthesis ended,” Mickaël told

Télé Loisirs


"I didn't know how to react"

“It was total void, I didn't know how to react.

I was very sad.

Because the atmosphere is great.

Because we are pampered, and because I have the feeling of having had a good feeling with Nagui ”, he also declared to our colleagues.

The forty-something slipped that he would use his earnings to repay his debts and to materialize an ongoing project: to create a live performance production company.

He also plans to enjoy a trip to the United States with friends for his 50th birthday.


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