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There is not only the direct in life, there is also the replay.

From YouTube to Netflix, including replays of television channels and podcasts of radio stations,

20 Minutes

 concocts a list of things to see, or review, listen to or listen to again every Sunday.

A clip to make you gaga

It is not a clip, but a "short film".

The video accompanying Lady Gaga's new single,


, is a small masterpiece.

Signed Tarsem Singh, director of

The Cell


The Fall

, it conjures up imagery reminiscent of both the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, and

Sergei Paradjanov's

Sayat Nova

, explicitly cited.

Mystical symbols and esoteric kitsch come together until the epilogue delivers the key to what came before.

48 hours after being posted online, it is close to 13 million views on YouTube.

How about you go do a few more?

Arte dissects the clichés about the French

The French cannot go a day without devouring a baguette.

French women have a strong and innate sense of fashion.

On the other hand, when it comes to aligning more than two words of English, they forfeit.

Are these three statements mistaken stereotypes or do they have a basis of truth?

To answer the question, the Swiss rapper Knackeboul crossed the Alps and went to meet Lyonnais, Parisiennes or even Zaz… The result is condensed in the episode of

L'Europe des clichés

devoted to France and available on

Enough to spend half an hour listening to what other Europeans think of us… and getting to know us a little better.

Bookmark the webradio

Hondelatte tells

is a success on Europe 1. It is even the most podcasted program of the station with more than 12 million downloads each month.

Faced with this enthusiasm, the radio smelled the right opportunity and this week launched Radio Hondelatte, a webradio exclusively devoted to the various facts narrated by the journalist.

In other words, stories of real crimes, many of which have hit the headlines, broadcast non-stop, 24 hours a day. Beyond the terrible facts, these stories inform about the historical and social context and approach the dark side of the human psychology.

To take a step back on social networks

No need for a documentary to teach us that: social networks do not have only good sides and we would all benefit from disconnecting more, in order to benefit more from the world and the people around us.

We also know that our online forays are subject to mysterious algorithms that offer us what to watch, what to read, even what to buy… Despite everything, the documentary

Behind our Smoke Screens

, available on Netflix, deserves our attention.

Former executives and employees of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest testify to tell us about the perverse effects generated by these platforms: from the risk of addiction to the spread of conspiracy theories and other forms of disinformation, everything is reviewed.

Something to think about and question our online behavior as well as our relationship with our social networks.


Lovecraft, trailers and doc are in the replays of the week


"I just want to end it" and Mike Horn are in the replays of the week

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