Manuel Valls (center) during the Rencontre des entrepreneurs de France, organized by the MEDEF on August 26 and 27, 2020 at the Hippodrome de Longchamps.



From Barcelona, ​​Manuel Valls always has an eye on French politics.

And it is once again on a subject related to security and religions that he has chosen to speak.

The former Socialist Prime Minister welcomes, in an interview with the

Journal du Dimanche

, the future bill against "separatism", warning in passing against a form of naivety in the face of Islamism.

The "fear of stigmatization"

“We must obviously fight against all separatism, on condition that we name them correctly, but let's not be naive: the real subject is the battle against Islamism, political Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists.

We must take back in hand the lost territories of the Republic ”, explains Manuel Valls.

“There is always this fear of stigmatizing, in quotes, part of the French population.

But there is also, often, naivety in the face of the progress of political Islam, in the face of the excesses of communitarianism, in the face of the blindness of the National Education ", assures the one who calls to" help the Muslims of France , because the battle is also that of Islam against Islamism ”.

Manuel Valls judges President Emmanuel Macron “today far from this liberal libertarian speech, a form of culture of denial and the search for excuses (…) The Marchers believed that, by their sole election, French society was would appease.

The return to reality was brutal and cruel ”.

According to information from the


, the Head of State will deliver his speech on separatism on October 2.

Re-mobilize the "republican and secular camp"

For the former head of government of François Hollande, "when it comes to defending the Republic and secularism, the notions of right and left do not mean much".

According to him, the "first emergency" is the "remobilization of the republican and secular camp", because "the large associations of popular education, in particular on the left, have failed: the League of education, the League of rights of the man… Only the Licra saved the honor.

We must re-mobilize society through parties, unions, associations, think tanks, around the Republic and secularism ”.


According to Marlène Schiappa, the Law against separatism will not concern "only radical Islam"


What is the certificate of virginity in the government's sights?

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