Rapper Dindin revealed that she had dated with actor Cho Hyun-young from the girl group Rainbow while in school.

On the 18th, a video titled "Din Dean is a lovely friend, we dated?" was uploaded to Cho Hyun-young's YouTube channel'Jo Hyun-young TV'.

In the video, Cho Hyun-young introduced Dindin as "I grew up in a neighborhood from elementary school to high school. I am a friend of the neighborhood."

On this day, Dindin asked, "Do you remember the moment you became friends with Hyun-young?" "I dated you about two weeks in middle three. "I wanted to break up with him, so I called my friend because he said that another friend liked him and said,'Oh, I am.

"I like you" so I started dating


" In response, Hyun-young Jo denied Dindin's claim, saying, "When did I date you?" Dindin immediately called another friend to check the facts. The friend he received also replied that he was'right', embarrassing Jo Hyun-young.

Dindin also revealed the reason why the dating period was only two weeks. He said, "I have been a partner with Hyun-young," he said. "At that time, I was dating, but my personality wasn't right. My junior confessed to me when I thought I couldn't go out with Hyun-young. I liked that junior."

"I lied to Hyun-young in the chat window, saying,'Because my friend likes you, I don't think we can meet.' Hyun-young immediately contacted his friend. The two talked like that, and as if I was looking, with that friend. I bought it."

The two also clearly expressed their views on the relationship. When asked,'Do you have friends or not between men and women?' Jo Hyun-young said, "I think there are. There are quite a few male friends around, and I get along quite well with them. I differentiate myself from people who are likely to date and do not behave differently." Answered.

Dindin said, "I don't think there are any friends between men and women, but this one seems to be a different race. It's not a woman, it's just like a man," he said. Said.

Cho Hyun-young, who debuted with the girl group Rainbow in 2009, is walking the path of an actor by appearing in MBC Every1's ``Lodging 24,'' broadcast in 2014. Din Dean made her face known through Mnet'Show Me the Money 2'in 2013 and is showing off her talent by appearing in a number of entertainment programs.

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)