Want to buy watermelon for towing 3,000 yuan to go to the toilet?

CCTV Interview with People Who Have Witnessed the Public Toilets in Dunhuang

  The desert under the sunset, the intoxicating Populus euphratica forest, the ancient cultural heritage of vicissitudes, and the golden autumn season is a good time to travel to Dunhuang, Gansu.

However, the video taken by travel blogger Xiaofan recorded the unpleasant experience of several tourists being "pitted" during their travels in Dunhuang.

Video shooter Xiaofen: It

was 6pm on August 17th. When I passed by over there, I found a RV got stuck.

I turned around and came back to start the rescue. During the rescue, I was stopped by the ATV nearby.

  Xiaofen learned that this is an off-road base operating off-road vehicles, sandboarding and other projects. Tourists' RVs were trapped in front of the public toilets of the base, and it was the employees of the base who came to block the trailers. The reason was Xiaofen’s obligation Towing, blocking their towing business.

Video shooter Xiaofen:

I asked him (the owner) and said he was in the bathroom.

Because of the exhaustion of running around for a long time, there is no service area for dozens of kilometers, and just about to go to the toilet, I found that the car was stuck in.

They should have just said a price, that is, they need two cars (to pull), this RV is a relatively large car, other cars cannot be pulled, and then they just said that they need two cars (to pull), one car One thousand five, a total of three thousand yuan is needed.

  The employees of the base who were blocked from making money started yelling, slapped the windows of the car, and tried to snatch the mobile phone. They also threatened him to leave by saying that Xiaofan could not tow the truck without a rescue card, and immediately call the police if he didn't leave.

The persistent little fan did not leave. He began to observe the public restroom behind the RV. He felt that it was a trap for tourists.


shooter Xiaofen


The five words "public restroom" are particularly obvious, and the sand in front of that place is particularly thin.

If a normal beach base practitioner wants to attract customers, it should make the sand in front of it harder.

On the contrary, the place in the public restroom is relatively soft, even softer than the normal sandy land. Maybe he made it so soft on purpose.

  After a stalemate for an hour, it was getting late, and Xiaofen was finally allowed to drag the RV out, and the farce came to an end.

Video shooter Xiaofen:

Because that place is used as a trap, if I keep occupying that place, no other cars will come and no other cars will get stuck.

So he also hopes that I can take the car away soon, and he will continue to pit another one.

  After Xiaofan posted this video of "Public Toilets for Tourists" online, it attracted huge attention this week.

More than a dozen tourists have left messages to him, saying that they have had the same experience at this off-road base, and some have also released video evidence. The towing fee ranges from a few hundred to a thousand.

Shandong tourist Ms. Liu is one of them. On August 11 this year, when the family wanted to drive their own pickup truck to play off-road here, they also encountered a high-priced trailer.

△Ms. Liu shot

Tourist Ms. Liu:

At the entrance, there is a hard way to enter, but it is blocked.

Then they opened a mouth next to it, all covered with soft sand.

As long as the function of the car is not an off-road vehicle, it is directly stuck.

We all waited for more than an hour, and the children couldn't stay there, so they had to be bullied and paid.

Before going to the toilet, the toilets are all locked.

Said to buy watermelon from them, then took out the key and opened the toilet.

Play with sand for 100 yuan, rescue 1200 yuan, and buy watermelon for 100 yuan, for a total of 1400 yuan.

  Video shooter Xiaofen: I also received some replies from many local friends in the background of the network, and there may be several cars in one day.

After the car is pulled out by them, the sand will be leveled again, and the bait will continue to be spread and the fish will be caught.

  This off-road base can use public toilets as bait to continuously catch tourists, which may be related to the lack of relevant services on this section of the road.

This off-road base is located on the 215 National Road, about 50 kilometers away from the downtown area of ​​Dunhuang, and the two nearest service areas are nearly 70 kilometers apart.

Video photographer Xiaofen:

There is no toilet in the middle of 69 kilometers. It is also a main route from Gansu to Qinghai, so there are a lot of passing vehicles.

There are deserts and deserts in the middle, almost no people.

The journey took about an hour, and suddenly a toilet appeared. There should be a lot of friends there.

  On Tuesday, the Dunhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that it had arrested 5 suspects suspected of forced trading at the base, and 2 of them were under criminal detention. The Dunhuang Cultural Tourism Bureau will also carry out a 40-day special rectification.

  Today, the public toilets and off-road bases of the "Peng Ren" have been demolished. At the same time, a mobile public toilet has been built on the 215 National Highway a few kilometers away from the downtown area of ​​Dunhuang.

  The 11th Golden Week is coming soon. How many "pits" need to be filled for tourists on the way to the beautiful scenery?

Perhaps it is not just Dunhuang who should draw inferences from one another.