China News Service, September 19. Beijing Zoo released the "Notice on the Death of Giant Panda "Dadi" due to illness" on its official Weibo on the 19th. The report stated that the giant panda "Dadi" was at 10 am on August 27, 2020. Heartbeat stopped and died.

Notification screenshot

  The notification pointed out that the pedigree number 394 of the giant panda "Dadi", male, 28 years old, has lived in the Beijing Zoo for 16 years and is currently in old age (the average age of giant pandas is around 25).

At 6:40 in the morning of August 27 this year, the breeder observed that "Earth" was eating bamboo in the animal shelter, and the behavior of feeding and chewing bamboo was not abnormal; at 7:55, it was found that "Earth" was lying on its back at the corner of the sports field and stimulated There is no response; check the oral mucosa is pale, breathing is weak, heart rate is irregular, in a state of shock, after the rescue failed, the heart stopped at 10:00.

After the incident, the Beijing Zoo immediately contacted the professor of pathology at the School of Veterinary Medicine of China Agricultural University for an autopsy on the same day.

Necropsy revealed senile diseases such as liver cirrhosis and atherosclerosis, as well as acute diseases such as pancreatic swelling and duodenal mucosal hemorrhage.

After further diagnosis in the laboratory, no pathogenic bacteria were found.

Comprehensive analysis believes that "the earth" is irritated by senile syndrome and acute pancreatitis, causing death in shock.

  According to the report, the giant panda "Dadi" showed no abnormalities in its weight, eating activities, and feces.

Because he was in old age, the veterinarian carried out regular physical examinations and found that his hemoglobin, red blood cell, hematocrit and other indicators continued to fall, and his blood sugar was low, but no adverse symptoms were seen.

In order to ensure that the "Earth" can enjoy its old age, on January 7, 2020, the Beijing Zoo transferred the giant panda "Earth" to the Ming Tombs breeding base. The environment of the base is quiet, sufficient in light, and spacious, suitable for recuperation.

In the past two years, Dadi has been picky about bamboo feeding and only likes to eat bamboo leaves. The zoo has made every effort to guarantee it, especially during the 2020 epidemic, to overcome difficulties such as bamboo transportation and ensure supply.

  Beijing Zoo said that it was very sad and deeply deplored for the departure of the "Earth".