China News Service, Dehong, Yunnan, September 19 (Han Shuinan) On the 18th, Lei Chunfang, the party branch secretary of the Mangbing villager group in Mengli Village, Ruili City, Yunnan Province, was busy confirming the situation of the villagers receiving nucleic acid testing.

"Today, the nucleic acid test of all employees in Ruili City will be'cleared'. We can't miss anyone." On the same day, she and the volunteers who came here to check the information of the villagers worked until late at night.

  After the occurrence of imported cases of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Ruili City launched a free nucleic acid test for all employees in the urban area on the 15th, and plans to complete the task of "clearing" the urban nucleic acid test sampling at 24:00 on the 18th.

The picture shows members of the village protection team patrolling on motorcycles.

Photo by Han Shuainan

  46-year-old Lei Chunfang is a Jingpo woman and a party member, village cadre, and grid management staff for epidemic prevention and control. She is a filed poor household and the mother of two children.

  From the early morning of the 15th, Lei Chunfang has not stopped, holding emergency meetings, entering the house to promote, and mobilizing villagers to participate in nucleic acid testing... On the busiest day, she only slept for two hours.

  "In order to facilitate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control, I established a WeChat group on my mobile phone. However, some elderly people don't know how to use a smart phone, so I will come to help them download WeChat, register, and join the group." Lei Chunfang said.

  There are also some Burmese people renting here in the village. In order to communicate with them, Lei Chunfang specially hired an interpreter to accompany her in publicity and mobilization work to ensure that everyone in the village can understand the epidemic prevention policy and receive nucleic acid testing.

  The Mengli village where Lei Chunfang is located is a new village for poverty alleviation and relocation. There are 389 households with 1,166 people, of which the Han and Jingpo people each account for about 50% of the total population.

There are a total of 44 households with 143 people in filed and registered households, and all of them have been lifted out of poverty by the end of 2019.

  “Before the relocation, we all lived in the mountainous area and the transportation was very inconvenient. At that time, I used to walk to the market to make a living selling wild vegetables and bamboo shoots.” Lei Chunfang recalled.

After relocating in 2010, Lei Chunfang opened a barbecue stall, and life has gotten better and better since then.

  After the outbreak, Lei Chunfang closed the barbecue stall at home and devoted himself to the fight against the epidemic.

  Under the leadership of Lei Chunfang and other village officials, all villagers in Mengli Village united tightly to fight the epidemic.

The 62-year-old Yang Zhengying's family conditions are not good, but he still donated 300 yuan to the village for the fight against the epidemic.

  Other villagers also participated in the epidemic prevention and control work by actively signing up for the village protection team and donating money and materials.