Will Fabrice Luchini soon put on a medical professor smock?



A challenge equal to Fabrice Luchini.

Guest of

C à vous

on France 5 this Friday, the actor took advantage of his appearance on the show to lift the veil on his latest projects.

While columnist Patrick Cohen looks back on Didier Raoult's interview with Darius Rochebin on LCI, the Caesarized actor explains his ambition to bring the infectious disease specialist to life in a feature film, "while asking his permission", he specifies.

"I would very much like to play it", affirms Fabrice Luchini, indicating to have contacted the producer Matthieu Tarot to know if it was possible to carry out a biopic around Didier Raoult.

“Me, I have no initiatives.

I'm not doing well enough to have thousands of projects.

But I told him that I would play Didier Raoult well, ”adds the actor.

💬 “I would like to play Didier #Raoult!


Fabrice #Luchini in # Cà Vous ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/NzuDjNx4xG

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When Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asks him what attracts him to this character, Fabrice Luchini enumerates: “the opposition to the doxa, a strange voice, quite normal.

And at the same time, he hits!

We hate him.

Populist crystallization.

It remains to be seen whether the professor of medicine will accept to see his life brought to the screen.

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