An iceberg capsizing by two in the Arctic Ocean

Social media circulated a video clip showing adventurers capsizing in the water from the top of an iceberg.

The footage from a small boat shows the adventurers trying to climb up a block of ice before it suddenly capsizes and sinks into the ocean, along with two researchers.

The adventure was part of expeditions on the largest and only inhabited island in the Svalbard archipelago, Norway.

And through the video, published by the famous Swiss explorer Horn, through his social media accounts, the moment when a large iceberg in the Arctic capsized, when he and his colleague were trying to climb it.

The men eventually fell into the icy waters, but were immediately rescued.

Horn admitted that it was a bad idea and said that since he had already suffered many accidents during his travels around the world, his team members always tried to make the right decisions to return home alive.