Today (19th), the bright autumn sky will be revealed.

The whole country will be generally sunny.

However, it will rain all over the place under the influence of the pressure valley until the afternoon.

However, since these rain clouds pass so fast, it will not have a big impact on today's weather.

If you look at the radar video now, the rain clouds are slightly spreading over the southern regions of Gyeonggi and northern Chungcheong.

In the future, as these rain clouds move further, 5~20mm of rain will fall on other Chungcheong areas, inland Jeonbuk, and northern Gyeongbuk.

It was also pretty cool this morning.

However, during the day, the temperature will rise rapidly as it is exposed to the autumn sun.

Seoul is expected to be 25 degrees and Daejeon 26 degrees.

Even tomorrow, which is Sunday, there will be showers all over the country in a generally sunny place.

Monday morning temperatures are expected to be 14 degrees Celsius.

(Kim Soo-min weather caster)