The daily life of Yeonji Ham, the daughter of Chairman Young-Joon Ham Ottogi and a musical actor, was delivered through the broadcast.

In KBS2's'New Release Edition', which aired yesterday (18th), Ham Yeon-ji showed a special affection for his father. 

On this day, Ham Yeon-ji showed her dressing room and dish cabinets throughout the house.

He showed off a 50-year-old Gucci bag from the Madonna dress in the 80s, which his mother wore at her engagement ceremony and now wants to wear it on her granddaughter, and passed down from her grandmother to her mother and herself.

Yeonji Ham pulled out a small clutch bag and boasted that "when I went abroad, my father sent it as a gift for my birthday and admission."

She guessed her father's heart, "He sent this, a letter, and a flower together. I always sent it with my family and then I was alone, so I felt upset."

Ham Yeon-ji said, "Dad loves spending time with me," and said, "'What are you doing? Dad is open after 6 o'clock today. Tomorrow is also empty, and if you want to come anytime, he keeps sending Kakao Talk" 

Also, he said, "I always sent flowers on my birthday. When I came to Korea during vacation, I wrote a doll in my bedroom and a'Welcome Home Rouge' on my card. I love being romantic."

On this day, Ham Yeon-ji also unveiled a refrigerator and a pen tree, all of which were filled with Ottogi products. He smiled embarrassedly, saying, "I love retort food, so the refrigerator is full of retort." At the same time, Ham Yeon-ji conveyed the reaction of the chairman's father to his love for Ottogi products, saying, "(Father is) proud." 

(Composition: editor C, photo: KBS 2TV'New Release Edition' capture)) 

(SBS New Media Department)