China News Service, Jinhua, September 18 (Xi Jinyan and Wu Ziquan) The reporter learned from the Hengdian Film Festival Organizing Committee on the 18th that as an important event of the 2020 Hengdian Film Festival, the 20th National Cinematic Film Promotion Conference will be held in October. It will be held in Hengdian from 28th to November 2nd, and the preparatory work is currently in full swing.

Photo courtesy of Hengdian event poster

  Affected by the epidemic, cinemas across the country were closed for half a year.

In the critical period of the film industry's recovery, it is of great significance to hold a national movie production promotion conference in Hengdian.

It is reported that this is the only film promotion conference participated by a national cinema this year.

  Known as the "China's film market vane", the national theater-line domestic film promotion conference is jointly organized by the film distribution, publicity, and screening alliances composed of various theaters across the country with the support of the National Film Bureau and the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association. Industry conference.

Over the years, the promotion conference has been adhering to the concept of "cooperation, integration, excellence, and win-win", committed to integrating and opening up the resources and strengths of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the entire film industry chain, and working together to do a good job in the distribution and screening of domestic films, which is an important schedule Fired the "starting gun".

  According to reports, this year's promotion will last for 6 days, and will hold the opening ceremony, film promotion, watching movies, closed-door cinema conferences and other activities.

More than 500 guests from 50 theaters across the country, including China Film, Wanda, and Dadi, the theater investment company and representatives of each film company will attend the promotion conference and participate in related activities of the Hengdian Film Festival.

  In order to ensure the smooth progress of the promotion, Hengdian Film and Television established a preparatory group for the promotion of domestic films, and all preparations have been fully carried out.

At that time, a large number of excellent domestic new films will make their debut at the promotion conference and will be recommended.

These films will be successively landed on the national theaters, with rich themes and various types, which will greatly expand the volume of the film market and provide audiences with more diversified movie viewing options.

  Hengdian is the leading base of the national film and television cultural industry. One-quarter of the country’s movies, one-third of TV series, and two-thirds of costume dramas are shot here.

Hengdian Film and Television Co., Ltd. is the country's first private cinema company listed on the main board, and currently has nearly 400 directly-operated studios.

  The person in charge of Hengdian Film and Television said that with the purpose of building an exchange and dialogue platform for the domestic film production industry and the distribution and projection industry, it will actively integrate resources, promote exchanges and cooperation between all parties, and provide a broad publicity, display and promotion platform for outstanding domestic films to help Chinese films The healthy development of the industry.