The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will continue anyway.

The organization reports on Friday afternoon that there are four different scenarios, but that one participant will be declared the winner in 2021.

Which scenario will ultimately be used depends on the developments surrounding the corona virus in the coming months.

In scenario A, the Eurovision Song Contest would continue as planned with all artists in Rotterdam and halls full of audiences, without visitors having to keep their distance.

This scenario depends on the availability of a vaccine or reliable rapid test.

Scenario B assumes that every participant can travel to Rotterdam, but that the festival will be organized 1.5 meters away.

That would mean fewer spaces for the public as well as the press and delegations.

In this case, a new distribution of tickets will be made and fans who still fish behind the net will get their money back.

Scenario C takes into account the possibility that it is not possible to travel to the Netherlands from every participating country.

The participants who cannot attend will then perform from their own country.

Should the Netherlands find itself in a lockdown again in May 2021, all participating artists will perform from their own country and the activities surrounding the live shows will be canceled.

Sietse Bakker, producer of the show, speaks of a "historical 65th edition anyway".

Bakker: "Of course we hope that we can welcome as many participants, fans and journalists as possible in Rotterdam next year, within the limits of what is responsible."

Junior Songfestival is already organized remotely

The European Broadcasting Union, responsible for the Eurovision Song Contest, recently announced that the Junior Song Contest will take place in an adapted format.

Each participant will perform from their own country in November.

The Eurovision Song Contest must take place on May 18, 20 and 22 in Ahoy in Rotterdam.

After the victory of Duncan Laurence on behalf of the Netherlands, the festival would actually be held on Dutch soil in 2020, but that could not take place due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The presentation will be in the hands of Jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley and Chantal Janzen in May.

The Netherlands is represented by singer Jeangu Macrooy.