November 27 is the premiere of the twenty-ninth season of On the Track.

The nine teams consist in the usual order of both veterans and debutants.

New to the game are Eldkvarn singer Plura Jonsson, who forms a team with host and journalist Sanna Lundell, and director Tomas Alfredson, who competes with artist Ernst Billgren.

"We are two cobras"

The debut is also made by the journalist Frida Boisen and Hamid Zafar, head of school in Mullsjö municipality, who was named Swedish 2018 of the year by the magazine Fokus.

- We are both from the town in Gothenburg so you might think we are the worst underdogs: good and happy.

But really we are two cobras, says Frida Boisen.

Hamid Zafar believes and hopes they will complement each other in a good way.

- I think we have strengths in different places.

Frida has been active in the media world and the cultural industry for many years.

I have a background in a more traditional business: municipality and school.

Claes Elfsberg makes his debut

Other newcomers are Veckorevyn's editor-in-chief Irena Pozar who forms a couple with the musician Patrik Arve and the comedy duo Dilan Apak and Moa Lundqvist who will compete together.

In addition, former Rapport anchor Claes Elfsberg will test his knowledge together with the biathlon legend Magdalena Forsberg, who participated in På Spåret 2006.

Emma Molin and Hanna Dorsin are back

Three teams make a comeback from last season.

Comedian Johan Glans and SR host Farah Abadi line up again, Grotesco comedians Emma Molin and Hanna Dorsin will try to surpass last year's semi-final place.

A challenge they share with director Marianne Ahrne and comedian Anders "Ankan" Johansson who is also making a new attempt to reach the final.

On the track premieres on Friday 27 November at 20.00 on SVT1 and on SVT Play.