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With an eye on the Community of Madrid, where the cumulative incidence of the virus (infections per 100,000 inhabitants) doubles the national average and after the regional government has applied new restrictive measures, the report of the Ministry of Health published this Friday registers another record of confirmed cases in a day since the state of alarm ended.

Specifically, the official count reveals

14,389 confirmed cases since yesterday

, 3,196 more than on Thursday, when 11,193 positives were reported.

The figure already includes data from Murcia, which had not been updated for two days due to technical problems.

Of the more than 14,000 new positive PCR tests registered,

4,697 have been done in the last 24 hours

(in the previous day there were 4,541).

A third of them correspond to

Madrid, which has 1,553


The infections triggered in the region tripled the community in second position:

the Basque Country, which reports 490


Andalusia, for its part, announces 430;

and Aragon, 419.

The official report has also reported

90 new deaths

, which are added to the global number of people who have died from the virus since the start of the pandemic:



It should be remembered that it is incomplete data, since it does not include deaths in residences or those that presented symptoms compatible with Covid-19, but whose infection was not confirmed in the absence of a PCR.

With a death date in the last week

, 432 deaths have been counted.


continues to lead and adds 144 deaths in the last seven days.


has 64;

Castilla and León

, 37;


, 31;

the Basque Country

, 28;


, 26;


, 21;


, 16;

Castilla La Mancha

, 13;



, 11. Likewise,

La Rioja

reports nine deaths;

Balearic Islands

, seven;


, six;


, five;

Murcia and Cantabria

, four;


, three;


, two;



, one.

More than 10,000 hospitalized for Covid

Regarding income, these remain in the same line as those recorded in the latest official reports.

Specifically, with a date of entry in the last seven days,

Health has registered 2,485

(on Thursday, 2,357).

Thus, the total number of patients who are currently admitted for covid in our country is



A large part of them (3,411) are found in Madrid, followed by Catalonia (1,304) and Andalusia (1,087).

In addition,

1,345 patients are in the ICU

and 185 have been transferred in the last week.

There are already 12,980 infected cases that have required this hospital unit since the arrival of the coronavirus.

On the other hand,

1,091 patients have been discharged

in the last 24 hours.

Regarding the healthcare capacity

of hospitals to care for people infected by the virus, the average number of beds occupied is 8.7%, one tenth more than on Thursday.

The Community of Madrid reaches 22%

hospital occupancy;

Castilla La Mancha, 13%;

and Aragon and La Rioja, 12%.

On the European scene

, Spain continues as the second country in Europe with the most infections since the start of the pandemic (640,040), only behind Russia (1,085,281).

Likewise, France and the United Kingdom follow, with 415,481 and 381,614, respectively.

The country with the highest number of deaths continues to be the United Kingdom (41,705),

followed by Italy (35,658) and France (31,095).

Spain continues to lead in cumulative incidence (AI) in the last 14 days among the European countries that have registered the most infections.

Our country reports

267 positives per 100,000 inhabitants


France is in second position, with 158 infected.

The AI ​​rates of both countries contrasts significantly with the level of the following on the scale: Ukraine, with 84 infected;

the Netherlands, with 80;

and Romania, with 73.

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