Fred van Leer himself has the necessary experience when it comes to performing as a


queen, but a participation in

Drag Race Holland -

which he presents himself - is beyond his cap.

The assignments the candidates have to carry out to become the new drag superstar are too difficult for him, says Van Leer in conversation with

"Those girls have to mimic, dance, act, perform creative assignments, be funny, walk the catwalk, you name it", says Van Leer.

"I can walk quite well and joke. But what they all have to do ... I couldn't do it. Luckily I can play my role as Mother Superior."

Van Leer will be responsible for the presentation of the Dutch version of

RuPaul's Drag Race


In the original version it is in the hands of the iconic drag queen RuPaul and it is a challenge to follow in RuPaul's footsteps, Van Leer admits.

"I deliberately did not go back to the episodes because then you are going to adopt those mannerisms and I want to do it my way. It is logical that comparisons will be made or that people do not like my looks or my presentation bad. I don't care. I give that to those girls too. Focus especially on the love you receive and try to ignore the hatred. "

'The Dutch cast is even more diverse'

Although drag queens Janey Jacké and ChelseaBoy - after seeing all the American seasons -

see their dream come true

with their participation in

Drag Race Holland

, there were still some obstacles to overcome.

"I kicked myself in the ass because I was not sure if I dared. You know that you sign up for something that will bring you a lot of surprises, but I just had to do it," said ChelseaBoy.

The drag queens not only had to prepare for reactions via social media, but are also judged by a jury consisting of Van Leer, Nikkie Plessen and various guest judges.

Drag queen Janey Jacké participates in Drag Race Holland.

(Photo: RTL)

'Beautiful representation of drag in the Netherlands'

“It's hard to be critical of something you are so proud of and support 100 percent,” Jacké admits.

"It can be confronting, but it's important to reflect and filter feedback that will help you move forward."

The drag queens are full of praise for each other.

"The Dutch cast is a bit more diverse than we have seen in the program so far", says ChelseaBoy.

"It is a beautiful representation of drag in the Netherlands. We have a lot of respect for each other and want to convey that we are all a family and do it together."

'Not men in dresses, but artists'

Van Leer hopes that the Dutch public will realize that drag queens are not simply men in dresses, but artists and performers.

"If even one person who first disgusted a man in a dress after seeing

Drag Race Holland

finds it special, that is a profit for me. Those girls often have a backpack with misery and sorrow and we also tell that story. It's a rich program that is about connection and inclusivity. "

The phenomenon

RuPaul's Drag Race

, which has already counted twelve seasons, has a large international fan base that is also eagerly looking forward to the Dutch version.

Participants have received numerous social media messages from around the world since the announcement.

Drag queen ChelseaBoy participates in Drag Race Holland.

(Photo: RTL)

'That will produce hilarious memes and gifs'

The series is also being translated into Spanish, French and English so that international fans can follow the program.

"I think this is going to be interesting for them. We are a small country with crazy language and our own catchphrases. That will in any case yield hilarious memes and gifs", predicts Jacké.

ChelseaBoy: "I can't wait to hear that they are also shouting 'Joe your girlfriend' to each other in the Philippines."

Drag Race Holland

can be seen every Friday on Videoland from 18 September.