Former Chairman of Japan Life and others arrested Was there any actual business from the beginning? September 18, 18:41

Rental of magnetic therapy equipment that should be the source of dividends in the case where the former chairman of "Japan Life" who went bankrupt after collecting a large amount of money under the owner's business method of magnetic therapy equipment was arrested on suspicion of fraud The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that there was no actual business from the beginning because it was rarely done in reality.

14 people, including Takayoshi Yamaguchi (78), a former chairman of the bankrupt health equipment sales company "Japan Life", solicited customers even though the company was insolvent and there was no prospect of dividends, 12 people He was arrested on suspicion of fraud for deceiving a total of more than 80 million yen from the company.

There are about 7,000 people nationwide who have signed contracts, and the total damage amounted to about 200 billion yen.

The Metropolitan Police Department has not disclosed the approval or disapproval of former chairman Yamaguchi and others.

"Japan Life" said that if you become the owner of a magnetic therapy device that costs several million yen at a high price, you can get a high dividend of 6% a year from the rental income, but according to the Metropolitan Police Department, it is actually Means that the number of magnetic therapy devices is much smaller than the number of contracts, and rentals are rarely done.

"Japan Life" started the owner commercial law 17 years ago in 2003, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that there was no actual business from the beginning and part of the collected funds was used as it was for dividends. ..

Change contract method and continue business Unable to stop the spread of damage

There was a legal limit that regulated the owner's commercial law.

It was in 2014, six years ago, that "Japan Life" became a problem.

The Consumer Affairs Agency has been receiving a series of complaints about malicious door-to-door sales.

In response to this, the Consumer Affairs Agency will give administrative guidance to Japan Life, saying that it may violate the law.

However, even after that, it became clear that they had signed contracts with customers, hiding that they had a large amount of debt, and the Consumer Affairs Agency issued a partial suspension order of business four times from 2016 to the following year. In an unusual situation.

Nevertheless, Japan Life has passed the regulations and has continued to operate until it went bankrupt three years ago.

The cause lies in the contract method.

Initially, Japan Life was developing the owner's commercial law for magnetic therapy devices, but changed the contract method in response to an order to suspend part of the business.

Instead of an owner contract, it has come to take the form of a "monitor contract" or a "lease contract" that pays for the promotion of magnetic therapy devices.

The actual mechanism is the same, but the deposit law on which the business suspension order is based applies only to the owner commercial law.

For this reason, we were able to continue our business by changing the contract method.

As a result, the spread of damage could not be stopped until the bankruptcy, and the amount of damage increased to about 200 billion yen.

Lawyers "I hope that as much as one yen will return to the victim"

Following the arrest of former chairman Yamaguchi and others, the "National Japan Life Damage Defense Team Liaison Committee" held a press conference in Tokyo today.

Among them, Emiko Osako, the secretary-general, said, "We were finally able to reach this day. In the future, police investigations will reveal the inside of the organization and hidden property, and as much as 1 yen will be paid. I'm hoping to get it back in the hands of the victims. "