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  • Kheiron signs an offbeat and original peplum, "Brutus vs César", which is released directly on Amazon Prime Video.

  • The actor and director has surrounded himself with performers from all origins and all walks of life.

  • He already has several sequel ideas in mind for this film.

Kheiron in Brutus.

Ramzy as Caesar.

Thierry Lhermitte and Gérard Darmon in the Senate.

The ancient Rome brought to life by Kheiron in

Brutus vs Caesar

is as colorful as it is cheerfully quirky.

Offbeat, this peplum is in more ways than one.

After a theatrical release scheduled for this summer, the film will finally land on Amazon Prime Video this Friday.

"I have no qualms about this because it allows the film to be seen by the widest audience in the best conditions considering the period," Kheiron explains to

20 Minutes


A somewhat fragile traitor

The choice of the Roman peplum was not immediately obvious to Kheiron.

"As I wanted to play a somewhat fragile traitor, I first thought of Judas, but the time does not allow too much to play with religion" he sighs.

After giving up Jafar, the evil of


which too many versions have been seen recently, he fell back on the "third traitor most famous Brutus.

I wondered what would happen if he missed the attack on Caesar.

He lived in ancient Rome, so I made a Roman peplum, but it wasn't my will initially.


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Kheiron thought big for #brutusvscesar and he did well @primevideofr

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United Colors of Roma

The comedian, discovered in the series


had already proven that the cinema succeeds him with

We three or nothing

(2015) and



He revises his ambitions upwards by bringing together a cast as diverse as they are varied around the plot fomented to assassinate the tyrannical emperor.

“I don't look at people's skin color before choosing my cast and it doesn't shock me to see that Jesus is often portrayed as blond with blue eyes,” he said.

I removed any notion of gender and ethnicity from my film.


In a natural way

And it works!

Ramzy is imperial, Kheiron softens like a clumsy conspirator, Pierre Richard is twisting like a Gallic druid in every sense of the word, Youssef Hajdi astonishing in opportunistic Vercingetorix and Martial Eye Haïdara as a bodyguard legionnaire.

"I am for positive discrimination for equal talent, because it allows us to offer models to different communities by making them want to dream and create," he insists.

However, Kheiron denies having wanted to convey a too serious message.

“It all happened naturally, my characters sometimes changed color and gender depending on the performers who came to play them.


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“- This is the evening compote?

-… - It's Rufus, he invited me to a compote party.

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Always thoroughly

Kheiron conceived his cast as a puzzle in which comedians from all generations and all walks of life have come together.

“I know I risk losing an audience that won't accept my vision, but it's a conscious choice: to make a different, open film that looks like me.

He already has ideas for sequels that would give him the opportunity to develop the characters.

"I have enough to make a dozen films on this universe" he confides.

The confinement succeeded him by allowing him to also write a new project "insane, nothing to do with what I have done so far.

We can't stop Kheiron, who still finds the energy to perform on the stage of L'Européen in Paris.



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