Jeong Yong-jin, vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, authenticated the meeting with actor Jeon Ji-hyun.

On the 16th, Vice Chairman Jeong posted a photo on his SNS on the 16th, saying, "At the #TeamLab exhibition at the invitation of ㅈㅈㅎ, the eyes are strong. The public release is planned for 6 months from next week."

There are a total of 2 photos taken by the two.

In the first picture, the two are looking at the camera side by side wearing black masks with the phrase TeamLab:Life written on them.

In the second photo, she poses against the wall with the words of the exhibition in the background with her mask removed.

Vice Chairman Jeong's post shows that he went to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)'TeamLab:Life' at the invitation of Jeon Ji-hyun. 'TeamLab: Life' is a digital art exhibition that opens on the 2nd basement floor of DDP in Seoul from the 18th, and is hosted by Jeon Ji-hyun's agency,'Cultural Warehouse'. Vice Chairman Jeong, who visited the exhibition before the opening of the exhibition at the invitation of Jeon Ji-hyun, is promoting the exhibition through SNS.

After opening an SNS account, Vice Chairman Jeong is communicating with the public by posting posts about the food he cooked, places he visited, and people he met. In addition, through SBS'Piazza of Goodness', he showed his closeness with CEO Jong-won Baek and showed'good influence' by helping to open the way to sell agricultural and marine products. Here, when the acquaintance with actor Jeon Ji-hyun was revealed, netizens are showing interest, saying, "It is curious that the two are close."

[Photo = Jung Yongjin Instagram]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Sunae)