Ivermectin Corona Approval Aiming for Clinical Trials Kitasato University Hospital September 17, 18:16

Ivermectin, an infectious disease drug developed based on a substance discovered by Satoshi Omura, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, will soon begin clinical trials aiming for national approval as a new therapeutic drug for the new coronavirus. Announced by Kitasato University Hospital.

"Ivermectin" is a silver bullet for parasite-induced infectious diseases developed based on a substance discovered by Professor Satoshi Omura of Kitasato University. Kitasato University Hospital administered it to patients on the 17th to administer a new type of coronavirus. Announced that it will soon begin a clinical trial aimed at approval as a new treatment for the disease.

The clinical trial divided 240 patients aged 20 years and older who became mild to moderately ill with the new coronavirus into a drug-administered group and a fake drug-administered group until the virus was no longer detected. We are planning to compare changes in the disease and symptoms, and will confirm the efficacy and safety until the end of March next year.

A study by an American university found that the drug was effective in reducing mortality, but the problem was that the data could not be verified in another study involving the company that provided the patient's data. It was discovered and there were concerns about its impact.

The Kitasato Institute, a school corporation of Kitasato University, said, "In experiments using cells, the effect of suppressing the growth of the new coronavirus has been seen. We would like to rigorously verify the safety and efficacy through clinical trials and aim for approval." I am.