Influenza vaccine "Don't delay vaccination for children" September 18, 5:07

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is calling for non-elderly people to wait until next month for the influenza vaccine, which is feared to be co-epidemic with the new coronavirus.

Regarding this, an organization made up of pediatricians has informed that children should not be uniformly delayed in vaccination, saying that "even children are at risk of becoming seriously ill."

It is expected that the number of people who want to be vaccinated against influenza will increase rapidly this season, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will give priority to vaccinations for elderly people aged 65 and over who are at high risk of aggravation from the 1st of next month. Others are calling to wait until the 26th of next month.

Regarding this, the Japanese Society of Pediatricians has made known the view that "avoid delaying vaccinations for children uniformly and decide the timing based on the judgment of each medical institution."

Reasons include the risk of developing encephalopathy when an infant is infected with the flu, and the risk of confusion with some children who have already booked vaccinations.

Masato Mine, director of the Japan Pediatric Association, said, "Influenza is easy to spread among children, and children with underlying diseases should be vaccinated with priority. If the number of people who want to be vaccinated increases, the vaccine will be given to children. There is a risk that it will not arrive, so if you really need it, please start vaccination from the first half of next month. "