Fred van Leer puts

on all kinds of dresses


Drag Race Holland

and does not always wear a corset.

In conversation with, he says that he is fine with not constantly looking slim.

"I'm also getting a year older and I'm 44 now. I don't look very slim in a dress anymore. We've had the lockdown, I've been on holiday and drank a lot. Then a corset is very tight. Sometimes I thought, late. it's going well, I'll just do without it, ”says Van Leer.

The presenter of the Dutch version of

RuPaul's Drag Race

says that the program mainly stands for inclusivity and that this also applies to different types of bodies, whether they are a bit fuller or not.

The presentation was like a dream for him.

“I was in a studio full of glitter, sequins and feathers for six weeks. What more do I want?” He laughs.

Van Leer appears on the catwalk of the program in dresses by, among others, Claes Iversen, Edwin Oudshoorn and Berend Brus.

He can still remember the first time he appeared in public as a drag queen.

"It was fantastic! I was about 21 years old and it was in a club in Rotterdam. I did an ABBA act. Now I'm not exactly a wallflower and slightly hysterical, but with heels and a wig on I am unstoppable at all. "

Drag Race Holland

can be seen every Friday on Videoland from 18 September.