Those college students who had plastic surgery

  In August of this year, "Students’ plastic surgery is showing a trend of younger age" became a hot topic on the Internet-a mother in Jiangsu took a 15-year-old daughter who had just graduated from junior high school for plastic surgery, on the grounds that “high school wants children to learn art and hopes to be beautiful The road will be easier to walk a little bit.”

  The phenomenon of plastic surgery and younger age has been a hot topic before.

The annual summer vacation is called "Student Plastic Surgery Season", which means that middle school students and college students use this time to get together for plastic surgery.

  In 2018, the China Youth Daily conducted a questionnaire survey for undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students and a small number of fresh graduates. Among the 911 respondents, 6.81% had undergone cosmetic surgery, while those who had not undergone cosmetic surgery Among the respondents, 30.74% indicated that they have the intention of plastic surgery.

  During the visiting program in South Korea, Wenshan, a senior in Shanghai, had a facelift. A long and thin silicone prosthesis was implanted in his nose and a silicone prosthesis was also embedded in his chin.

The one who brought Wenshan into the plastic surgery circle was a friend of his. The latter was an "old man" in the plastic surgery circle. He had put his chin on, opened the corner of his eyes, and moved his nose three times.

In Wenshan's description, friends are very typical "the exquisite looks of Korean boys".

  After the college entrance examination, to improve her appearance, Dai Qing cut her eyelids and felt more confident.

Four years later, she had another face-lifting injection, and everyone praised her for losing weight.

Dai Qing said that when she pulled her eyelids, she was very nervous. When she had a face-lifting shot, she didn't worry anymore. She felt like going to the hospital to get medicine. After the first shot, she went to the hot pot with her friend.

  Wenshan and Daiqing are in their early twenties and have not yet completed their studies. They have a special concern for their appearance.

They told The Paper ( that when they had the first operation, they were very worried and even thought of "fleeing". During the postoperative recovery period, their body and mood were very uncomfortable, and they regretted that "Why It takes money to experience all this."

Because the elders were unable to accept plastic surgery for a while, Wen Shan has not dared to tell the truth to his mother and lied that only hyaluronic acid was given.

Young people's appearance anxiety

  In 2015, after the college entrance examination, Chongqing girl Dai Qing decided to do a "big thing": double eyelid surgery.

Her parents strongly objected, Dai Qing still insisted on doing it. Her idea is simple: to improve her overall appearance.

  Looking back now, Dai Qing also admitted that the decision to perform surgery was a bit impulsive.

  For this operation, Dai Qing made a lot of preparations.

She didn't dare to believe the plastic surgery information found online, for fear of being misled by advertising and marketing.

Finally, she used similar cases to select the chief surgeon, and then based on the doctor's evaluation, she finalized the plastic surgery medical institution.

  In the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, Liu Juan did the same thing as Dai Qing.

"It's a little bit big and small, it looks a little strange." With the support of her family, it was not a major operation, and Liu Juan and her friend had double eyelids cut off.

  At the beginning of 2020, as a senior student at a university in Shanghai, Wenshan took the winter vacation to participate in a visiting study program in South Korea.

His friend Han Ming is a plastic surgery supporter. He has been to South Korea for plastic surgery many times, and he has used knives on his chin, corners of his eyes and nose.

In Wenshan's eyes, the other party has a very typical "exquisite appearance of a Korean boy".

  Han Ming's Korean language skills are excellent and he is very familiar with the cosmetic surgery model in Korea. Which hospital has a good reputation, which doctor has good skills, how to bargain, etc.

Under Han Ming's "Ears and Eyes", Wenshan, who also saw that his plastic surgery has a good effect, was not too resistant to plastic surgery, and decided to try it.

  On February 5 this year, accompanied by Han Ming, Wenshan walked into a private plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea for the first time.

This plastic surgery hospital is well-known in Korea. In order to attract Asian clients, even nurses are proficient in the languages ​​of major Asian countries.

  In the first consultation, the doctor said that Wenshan's nose is a typical "floating nose", that is, the skin on the nose is elastic, the nose is large and flat, and needs to be raised.

Wen Shan had planned to trim his nose, but the doctor pointed out that he did not have a prominent chin, which caused a defect in his mouth.

Taking into account that the "protrusion of the mouth" will also affect the visual effect of the nose, the doctor recommends that the two items of nose and chin be done together, and the two items are superimposed and there is a discount.

  The doctor's words touched Wen Shan. He felt that his aesthetics on the five senses had improved. "The five senses can be organically combined to form the first impression of others. It is not that the nose is simply a nose if it is defective, but the chin is simply not good-looking. Just do the chin".

  Like Dai Qing, Liu Juan, and Wen Shan, there are not many young students who are anxious about their looks.

Every summer during the summer vacation, many middle school students and college students choose plastic surgery. This phenomenon is called the "student plastic surgery season."

As of September 14 this year, the topic of "plastic surgery" on Weibo has accumulated 210 million views and 282,000 discussions; since the Douban "plastic surgery" group was established in 2008, it has accumulated 76,916 group members.

  "My face shape problem has bothered me for a long time." "Where do you think I need to move the most" "Which hospital in Beijing is better for rhinoplasty? Which doctor does it well?" "Share my experience of botox treatment"... Everyday, Many netizens share and ask about plastic surgery through these platforms.

  In August this year, a piece of news made "Students face plastic surgery at a young age" once again a hot topic on Weibo.

According to a report from Modern Express, in August this year, a mother and daughter were welcomed in the medical beauty department of Jiangsu Huai'an Maternity and Child Health Hospital. The mother wanted to give her daughter who just graduated from junior high school plastic surgery. It’s easier to walk the road.” The hospital’s cosmetic doctor also revealed that the youngest person who consulted cosmetic surgery was only 8 years old.

  On a question-and-answer platform, a high school student shared his plastic surgery experience: In the first grade of junior high, he went to do laser opt for a better skin, but it was too painful and I did it three times and did not continue.

At the junior high school level, I have always had knowledge of eye and nose plastic surgery, and my aesthetics has also changed somewhat, from pursuing the style of Internet celebrity to gradually liking the natural style of facial features.

A semester higher, a face-lift injection.

After the first year of high school, I had double eyelid surgery during the summer vacation.

The future "beauty plan" is to study hard, lose weight, and make a beautiful nose that suits you after the college entrance examination.

  "Which girl does not want to be beautiful and confident in her school days? Plastic surgery is not entirely bad for middle school students." The netizen said.

Postoperative pain

  Wenshan's cosmetic surgery plan is to implant a long silicone prosthesis and ear cartilage in the nose, and insert the silicone prosthesis into the chin.

Because of the first cosmetic surgery, Wen Shan didn't understand the procedure, so Wen Shan was very nervous before the operation.

  On February 12 this year, during the last preoperative diagnosis, the doctor finished the film and used a very thick black pen to draw various crossed lines and patterns on the skin of Wenshan's face to facilitate the operation of the operation.

Then, the doctor asked Wen Shan to wash his face, brush his teeth, and make preparations before the operation. At that moment, Wen Shan felt nervous as suffocating and lied to go to the toilet. After staying in the toilet for a long time, he calmed down.

  The operation lasted about three hours.

After waking up, the effect of the anesthetic had not disappeared, Wen Shan was confused, a little "about to faint".

He found that his face was not covered with gauze, only the nose and chin were glued.

  As she approached the operating table, Dai Qing was frightened. Although she knew that double eyelid surgery was not complicated, she was still very anxious and even wanted to "get away" at one point.

Dai Qing recalled that at that moment, she was very worried about the failure of the operation, and was afraid that she would become a "meat strip" case of failed double eyelid cutting she had seen when collecting information. "If the desired effect cannot be achieved after the operation, it is better to be happy and calm. Accept yourself".

  When going to the operating table, Liu Juan also collapsed, "When the light from the operating table hits your face, you feel terrible, but the money is paid and you can’t get it back. You still have to do it, so you must have the courage to do the operation. It's over".

  Seven days after the operation is Wenshan's basic recovery period. After that, you can go back to the hospital for suture removal. After the suture removal, facial stiffness, swelling and other problems need to be slowly recovered, which takes at least 3 months.

  During the basic recovery period, Wen Shan regretted unprecedentedly. His nose was moved with a knife, and his nose was stuffed with cotton. He couldn't breathe. The doctor told him not to lie on his back, and he couldn't sleep well.

His chin was also embedded with a prosthesis, it was difficult to eat, and he could only drink porridge continuously.

During that time, Wen Shan didn't have the energy to do other things, so he could only sit on the bench and rest, and the bloody nose would make him more worried.

  Wen Shan felt like he had a very serious illness, which he hadn't expected before the operation.

In the few days after the operation, he was very regretful for a while, "I can't figure out why I have to spend money to go through all this?"

  When removing the stitches, the doctor used tweezers to pull out the stitches from Wenshan's nose one by one. He couldn't bear the pain, and the tears couldn't stop, and they kept falling.

  During the recovery period of double eyelid surgery, Dai Qing's eyes couldn't see anything, she was still painful and swollen, and she needed constant ice and hot compresses.

Five years have passed. Dai Qing still has a deep memory of this kind of pain. She said with a positive tone, “The pain in the recovery period is more painful than you think.” She felt that there was no need to go through this kind of pain for this operation. Kind of pain.

Dare not tell the truth to family

  Wen Shan told some friends in China about the plastic surgery. Some people were curious and some were surprised.

  On February 20 this year, Wenshan returned to China, and it was 18 days before he had plastic surgery.

In the beginning, her mother didn't notice Wen Shan's changes. It wasn't until two days later that she suddenly realized, "Why the nose suddenly became higher?" Wen Shan replied that it was hyaluronic acid.

This made it difficult for her mother to accept, "I think it's weird for a boy to take hyaluronic acid", and I think Wenshan cares too much about his appearance.

  Wen Shan admits that plastic surgery is not so easy to accept for the older generation. He did not tell the truth to his mother because he did not want to cause unnecessary family disputes.

  In addition to his family, Wen Shan is also reluctant to share his plastic surgery experience with his intern partners, supervisors and teachers. He feels that there will be "a lot of unnecessary conflicts."

In the face of friends, Wenshan did not reserve, and specially recorded a plastic surgery Vlog and posted it on his social platform.

  One month after the operation, Wenshan had a dinner with his friends. At that time, he hadn't fully recovered. After learning that Wenshan had undergone a plastic surgery, his friends came over to watch and praised him.

Wen Shan said that he maintained a normal heart, "I think this kind of praise is moist."

  After a full recovery, Wenshan was satisfied with the results of the cosmetic surgery, and felt that all the pain and anxiety he experienced before was rewarded.

At the same time, he also felt very lucky that he did not encounter the "pits" of plastic surgery.

But calm down, and from the perspective of risks and benefits, Wenshan believes that “this kind of surgery is not worth taking such a big risk, and if something goes wrong, it is really not worth it.”

  Dai Qing also felt that her double eyelid surgery was relatively successful. After a complete recovery, many people did not see that she had double eyelid surgery.

"People are always a little greedy, and now they feel too natural, and they are still not wide enough." Dai Qing said, although her appearance has not changed much, her mood will become better and people will become more Confident, I feel happier after putting on makeup.

"In 2019, Xiao Dai had another face-lifting injection. This time, she felt as if she was going to the hospital to get medicine, without anxiety. On the day after the first injection, she went to eat hot pot with her friends.

  After cutting off her double eyelids, Liu Juan felt that except for her eyes a little bit more energetic, she looked purer, with almost no other changes.

Her college classmates didn't know that her eyelids were cut, and many high school classmates didn't even notice it.

Unavoidable risk

  After entering university, Wenshan insisted on fitness, and went to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. Moments often posted photos of "lifting iron".

In Wen Shan's view, plastic surgery can only change a person's five senses, but cannot improve his temperament, so he pays special attention to fitness, hairstyle, clothing, etc.

  Currently, Wenshan has been studying abroad.

He said that after the plastic surgery, “there is no change in life, and you are still yourself, and the most important thing is your own perception.”

However, he also said that if he encounters the right opportunities and trusted doctors, he may also try some new medical cosmetic projects.

  Dai Qing's parents tried their best to oppose the double eyelid surgery, but she got the support of her parents for the face-lift injection.

She said that her several medical and aesthetic experiences made her want to try more projects, "but I will definitely prepare well. After all, I regret my life and easily regret it."

  It is not uncommon to see cases where cosmetic surgery fails and chooses to defend rights.

The Paper searched on the Judgment Documents website with keywords such as "plastic surgery" and "medical malpractice". A total of 540 documents were retrieved. Among them, there were many medical disorders such as illegal business operations, operating errors, temporary blindness of the eyes, and blood vessel embolism.

  The face-lifting shot by Dai Qing is not without risk.

According to Xinmin Evening News, in 2018, after Ms. Liu from Shanghai underwent a face-lifting needle surgery in a medical beauty hospital, her cheeks began to dent severely, her face collapsed rapidly, and her temples, cheekbones, apple muscles, cheek muscles, etc. were significantly atrophy, just like using The knife cut all the muscles under the face.

After that, Ms. Liu resigned and her fiance also left her.

  According to the "White Paper on China's Medical Beauty Industry Insights 2020" released by iResearch, illegal production in the medical beauty and plastic surgery industry is still rampant, and there are still more than 80,000 beauty shops across the country that illegally carry out medical beauty projects, which are illegal.

According to statistics from the China Plastic Surgery Association, in 2019, there were at least 100,000 illegal practitioners in medical aesthetics.

  Xiong Bingqi, dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, believes that the current plastic surgery trend of college students is related to the current recruitment standards and social evaluation standards of employers, as well as the abnormal outlook of students' "improving their appearance to obtain career development".

At the same time, college students should also understand that the ultimate career development depends on their own abilities, not their looks.

  (To protect privacy, the characters in the text are all aliases)

  Intern You Yanni, Surging News Reporter Chen Xuhou