China News Service, Beijing, September 15 (Reporter Gao Kai) The National Art Film Screening Alliance revealed on the 15th that the 2017 film "Knight" written and directed by Chinese director Zhao Ting has been confirmed to be introduced to mainland China.

As soon as the news came out, it attracted the attention of fans here.

  Zhao Ting has recently won widespread attention in the international film scene. Her film "A Place Without a Rest" won the highest award at the Venice Film Festival in 2020-the Golden Lion Award for Best Film, becoming the first Chinese female director to win the Venice Golden Lion Award .

  As a 38-year-old director of Chinese origin in Hollywood, Zhao Ting's achievements here are even more eye-catching.

In fact, Zhao Ting's name has been familiar to mainland movie fans as early as three years ago.

  In 2017, Zhao Ting’s second feature film was the "Knight" that was announced today. It received rave reviews after being screened at the Cannes Film Festival. It won the Art Film Award in the Cannes Director’s Biweekly Unit and was evaluated by the National Critics Association. One of the ten best independent films.

  Zhao Ting was born in Beijing, studied abroad when she was a teenager, graduated from the Film School of New York University, and then entered Hollywood.

In 2014, Zhao Ting's debut work "The Song That My Brother Taught Me To Sing" was shortlisted for the Sundance Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival Directors' Fortnight, and her directorial talent has attracted the attention of the industry.

  This time, the Golden Lion Award-winning "A Place to Nowhere" is Zhao Ting's third feature film.

Since the beginning of her career as a director, Zhao Ting's works have frequently won awards at major film festivals. Her existing works are all art films focusing on the experiences and emotions of ordinary people.

  What adds to Zhao Ting's "famous" is her next work. It is reported that this female director who has been known for art films will direct the Marvel superhero movie "Eternal Clan".

  People are curious about the "collision effect" between Zhao Ting and the commercial blockbuster, and the creative ideas of this top award-winning Chinese-American female director, and thus pay more attention to the introduction of "Knight".

  It is reported that "The Cavaliers" is adapted from the real experience of actor Brady Gandro, and tells the experience and thinking of a young rodeo star who was unable to compete because of an accident.

The film was released in the United States in April 2018.