On September 15, the continuous beam with the largest span of the Nanning-Guiyang high-speed railway-the 180-meter arch stiffened continuous beam of the Chengjiang Double-track Super Bridge was successfully closed 50 days in advance, pressing the "fast forward button" for the full opening of the Guinan high-speed railway.

  The Chengjiang Double-track Super Bridge is located in Du'an County, Hechi City, with a total length of 15.5 kilometers, making it the longest bridge on the Guinan High-speed Railway.

Among them, the 180-meter arch stiffened large-span continuous beam designed for the bridge is currently the largest span continuous beam in southwestern China. The beam spans the G75 Lanhai Expressway. It uses 2865 tons of steel bars and steel pipes and 24317 cubic meters of poured concrete. More than 60,000 tons.

Due to the hot weather in Du'an area, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the 180-meter arch stiffened continuous girder closure of the Chengjiang Double-track Bridge has strict requirements on the temperature, the quality of the concrete and the pouring process. Therefore, the construction unit chose the early morning with low temperature and small temperature difference. Closing operations are carried out at intervals to ensure that the concrete is poured successfully at one time.

At present, the overall project image progress of the Chengjiang Double-lane Bridge has exceeded 85% and is expected to be completed in April next year.

  The Guinan High-speed Railway is the first high-speed railway in Guangxi with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The entire line is expected to be completed and opened to traffic at the end of 2023. By then, the journey from Nanning to Guiyang will be shortened to less than 2 hours and will become a major channel for the southwest region to the sea.

(Edited by Chen Guanyan, Lu Jie)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]