It was revealed that Choi Jae-wook was'comedian Choi Mo' who was handed over to trial for running an illegal gambling room with comedian Kim Hyung-in.

Choi Jae-wook admitted his charges, but strongly denied Kim Hyung-in's charges.

In an interview with Sports Chosun on the 16th, Choi Jae-wook admitted that'Mr. Choi Mo-san, an illegal gambling room operating comedian' was himself, and said, "At first, it opened as a legal board game room, and then it became a speculative illegal gambling site."

Earlier on the 15th, MBC'News Desk' reported that comedians Kim Mo and Choi Mo were handed over to trial on the 1st on charges of opening an illegal gambling site.

The two are accused of opening an illegal gambling room in an officetel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul in early 2018, arranging gambling that costs tens of millions of won and collecting fees.

Afterwards, it was revealed that'Mr. Kim comedian' was Kim Hyung-in, who stubbornly denied his allegations.

He admitted to gambling once or twice, but did not open an illegal gambling room himself, but claimed that he was threatened by a new investor A in the process of lending and receiving money to a junior comedian Choi.

After'Choi's comedian' was revealed as Choi Jae-wook, Choi Jae-wook made the same argument as Kim Hyung-in.

Choi Jae-wook said, "As the operation of the gambling room became difficult, we had a conflict with investor A. In the process, even senior Kim Hyung-in, who did not participate in the operation of the gambling room, was threatened by A." “I was unfairly blackmailed for being a participant in the operation because of what I had lent.”

In addition, Choi Jae-wook also expressed his regret to Choi Guk, a senior comedian who was suspected of being'Choi's comedian' instead of himself.

Meanwhile, the first trial of Kim Hyung-in and Choi Jae-wook will be held at the Seoul Southern District Court on October 21st.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)