Illustrative photo of a child in a car.



The car is the preferred means of transport for the French to take their children to school.

It represents 30% of trips between home and school, according to an Ifop survey carried out for Eco CO2, reports



In second position, we find walking, which concerns 25% of trips.

Differences exist according to the territories: in Ile-de-France, it indeed concerns many more school trips (47%) than elsewhere.

The bicycle remains marginal

The bus or tram covers 19% of trips between home and school.

The school bus represents 18%, a figure which climbs to 29% in rural areas.

The place of the bicycle remains marginal: only 2% of respondents use it for school trips.

Carpool or scooter are even less mentioned.

But there is no lack of envy among parents: 54% of them are simply waiting for the public authorities to support such policies.

In order to change their mode of travel, those surveyed would particularly like cycle paths to be developed and pedestrian spaces to be made safe.

School trips made using active mobility are still considered by 59% of those questioned to be dangerous.


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