China News Service, Beijing, September 16 (Reporter Ying Ni) As one of the important cultural events during the Golden Week of November, the opening ceremony of the 15th China International Chorus Festival will be broadcast live on the whole network at 7:30 pm on October 5 .

The event invites nearly 30 top choirs at home and abroad to participate in the performance, and provides chorus fans around the world through the four themes of "burning·national wind", "love·unbounded", "cheng·hope", and "link·bridge" A chorus feast not to be missed.

  The Rainbow Chorus, which is popular among netizens, presented the popular two-dimensional "Divine Comedy" "Rainbow Beats" as the opening song of the opening ceremony, which was completed by the Beijing Symphony Orchestra and Jinglun Voice Jinfan Chorus in Beijing’s Zhongshan Concert Hall. .

This opening song is specially adapted for this year's chorus festival. It interprets the "burning" powerful "Rainbow Beats" in the way of "chorus + symphony", reflecting the extensibility and possibility of chorus art.

  Choirs at home and abroad will express their understanding and love of Chinese traditional culture in their own ways, and perform in the chapter of "Ran Guo Feng".

Among them are the national original ecological chorus "Daxin Gaoqiang", "From Jasmine to Turandot" presented by international young singers, unique ancient style song skewers, and classic songs such as "Fishing Songs", "Dongshan-Nostalgia in the Book of Songs".

  The opening ceremony specially invited the Beijing Hospital Aid Hubei Medical Team Chorus to perform "The Most Beautiful Retrograde" to express sincere gratitude and respect to the frontline anti-epidemic personnel.

In the chapter "Love Unbounded", Tim Sharp, the executive director of the American Chorus Conductors Association, who has recovered after being infected with the new crown, will personally describe his experience and bring the work "Angels".

"You Raise me up" by the Chorus of 171 Middle School of the Children's Chorus Base of National Centre for the Performing Arts, "Homesick" by the Moscow Peace Bird Choir of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, "Sky" by the TianKong Chorus of Central China Normal University, Dolce, USA The Canto Choir's "Don't Cry When I Leave" all expounded the same principle: life has changed a lot, but we are still strong, holding hands and going through difficulties together.

  Starting from the 15th China International Chorus Festival, a new round of choral charity-Dream Building "Concentric Rainbow" music teacher training program was officially launched. The program includes interpretation of curriculum standards, basic literacy, teaching methods, community management, and learning. Establishing a sound training mechanism and curriculum in the five dimensions of development and development, and realizing full-staff training for the majority of music teachers in standardized classification, subject division, and hierarchical implementation will help improve the basic literacy of music teachers in primary and secondary schools and build a high-quality professional and innovative Teachers.

In the chapter "Achievement and Hope", Chengdu Zhigeng Chamber Chorus will perform the work "Snail" together with representatives of the choir funded by the China International Chorus Festival over the years, showing the persistence and gains on the road to poverty alleviation.

  In the last chapter of the opening ceremony, outstanding choirs from all over the world gathered in the clouds.

After 28 years, the China International Chorus Festival has developed into the second largest international chorus event in the world and the largest in Asia.

At the opening ceremony, top choirs from five continents made their appearances: the Oxford University Chamber Choir in the UK, the Antóniano Chorale in Italy, the New Zealand Youth Choir, the Sound of Estonia Chorus, the Maytree Akabella Orchestra of Korea, Congo The "Bel Canto" Choir of Kinshasa and the Choir of Nelson Mandela City University in South Africa brought their classic works together to build a "Union Bridge."

  It is worth mentioning that the chorus festival launched the virtual host "Miya Yu" for the first time. This name is taken from the traditional Chinese five tones and is a clever fusion of traditional culture and digital technology, in order to show the audience the glow of the integration of technology and cultural innovation. Vigorous.

"Miya Yu" will interact with global audiences online between the four chapters of the opening ceremony, and will finally complete the "We are the World" chorus of 10,000 people at the end.

  The 15th China International Chorus Festival is organized by the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China Foreign Culture Group Co., Ltd., China Soong Ching Ling Youth Science and Technology and Cultural Exchange Center, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Xicheng District People's Government, China Chorus Association, Co-hosted by the International Chorus Union.