Voluntary retirement etc. presented to about 600 people such as Jetstar pilots September 16 15:39

Jetstar Japan, an LCC = low-cost carrier, has decided to voluntarily retire or give unpaid long vacations to about 600 pilots and flight attendants as the aviation industry is severely hit by the spread of the new coronavirus. I found that I was presenting.

Jetstar Japan, an LCC headquartered in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, in which Japan Airlines holds a 50% stake, has seen a significant drop in passengers due to the impact of the new coronavirus, and has reduced more than half of its domestic flights this month. In addition, all international flights continue to be suspended.

According to people familiar with the matter, Jetstar Japan will reduce the scale of its operations on six domestic routes connecting Kansai Airport with New Chitose and Fukuoka, and one international route connecting Manila, saying that demand cannot be expected to recover significantly for the time being. It means that we have begun to consider doing.

As a result, the company is offering voluntary retirement and unpaid long vacations to all 200 pilots and 400 flight attendants to reduce labor costs.

For flight attendants, relocation is also included.

Jetstar Japan says, "Amid the drastic decrease in aviation demand due to the impact of the new coronavirus, we will implement personnel allocation and optimization of the number of personnel."