Saitama City "PayPay" usage point redemption postponement Impact of fraudulent withdrawal September 16 17:56

Saitama City announced that it will postpone the business of returning points using "PayPay", a smartphone payment service scheduled to start on the 17th.

It is said that this is due to the fact that fraudulent withdrawals were confirmed from Japan Post Bank accounts through "PayPay".

This was revealed by Mayor Hayato Shimizu of Saitama City at a press conference on the 16th.

In Saitama City, if you use "PayPay" at target stores such as restaurants and retail stores in the city in an attempt to stimulate consumption that is depressed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the maximum usage amount is 1000 yen per time. We were planning to carry out a business to return 20% of the points for one month from the 17th.

However, we decided to postpone this business for the time being after confirming an illegal withdrawal from the Japan Post Bank account that was linked with "PayPay".

Regarding the reason for the postponement, Mayor Shimizu said, "It is necessary to responsibly confirm the facts as to whether the city has taken proper security measures."

The city estimates that the economic benefits of this project will amount to 2.8 billion yen and wants to start as soon as possible if security measures are confirmed.

4 other cities in Saitama Prefecture No change planned at this time

According to "PayPay", as an economic measure for the new coronavirus, there are already four municipalities in Saitama Prefecture that have already started or are planning to use "PayPay" to return points, in addition to Saitama City. That is.

Of these, Chichibu City will start from the 1st of this month and will be held until the end of this month, Honjo City and Warabi City will be held next month, and Satte City will be held again next month.

According to the four cities, there are no plans to change any of them at this time, but depending on the situation, we may consider canceling or postponing them.