Case of murder of an elderly couple in Nagoya Supreme Court decision to redo trial at district court September 16 19:00

Three years ago, a defendant was accused of murdering an elderly couple in Nagoya and robbed his wallet, and although the first trial determined that the purpose of the robbery was not recognized, the second trial canceled the defendant. In the trial, the Supreme Court decided to dismiss the defendant's appeal, and the trial will be redone in the Nagoya District Court in the future.

In 2017, Hiroshi Matsui, a 46-year-old defendant in Minami-ku, Nagoya, was accused of murder-robbery for robbing a wallet containing cash after stabbing a couple in their 80s living in the neighborhood with a knife. ..

The prosecutor's office sought the death penalty in the lay judge trial of the first instance, but the Nagoya District Court sentenced him to life imprisonment, judging that he was guilty of murder and theft instead of murder-robbery.

However, the Nagoya High Court of the second trial said, "The first trial did not comprehensively evaluate multiple circumstances, such as worrying about debt repayment and thinking that the victim's house had money. The purpose of the robbery We should try again on the premise that there was a case, "he said, revoking the judgment of the first trial and ordering the trial to be redone.

The defendant's lawyer had appealed to this, but Judge Mamoru Miura of the Second Small Court of the Supreme Court decided to dismiss the appeal by the 16th.

In the future, the hearing will be redone at the Nagoya District Court.