[Explanation] Shanghai brand, Taihang brand, Peony brand, South China brand... Thousands of sewing machines were exhibited in Taiyuan Sewing Machine Collection on September 16, witnessing the development of household sewing machines in New China.

  In the exhibition hall of more than 200 square meters, thousands of sewing machines are neatly arranged, telling the "story of time".

In addition to the familiar Chinese brand sewing machines, there are also many foreign old-fashioned sewing machines.

These sewing machines are purchased from all over the country, involving more than 100 brands at home and abroad, of which the butterfly brand is the largest.

  In 1927, China's first domestic sewing machine was born and named the Golden Lion.

In 1946, the Golden Lion brand was renamed the Invincible Brand, which means "invincible hand in the world".

In 1966, the unified trademark was renamed Butterfly Brand.

  [Concurrent] Niu Juanjuan, commentator of Taiyuan Sewing Machine Collection

  The Butterfly brand sewing machine is produced in our Shanghai sewing machine manufacturer. At that time, this factory produced the three major brands of bee, trapeze and butterfly. Among them, the Butterfly brand is the brand with the best sales volume and the highest export volume.

At that time, we were very proud of having such a butterfly sewing machine at home.

  [Explanation] Among the thousands of sewing machines on display this time, there is a goose brand sewing machine produced by the Chongqing State-owned Construction Machine Tool Manufacturing Plant in 1949. Due to the small number of production at that time, it was extremely rare in China.

In addition, Jiefang brand sewing machines are also relatively scarce.

  [Concurrent] Niu Juanjuan, commentator of Taiyuan Sewing Machine Collection

  Jiefang brand sewing machine is also a relatively rare brand. At that time, the production quantity was small. Now, a Jiefang brand sewing machine on the market can almost be sold for nearly 2,000 yuan, and the price is relatively high.

  [Explanation] After the founding of New China, the sewing machinery industry has been fully developed.

The "three turns and one ring" composed of sewing machines, watches, bicycles, and radios was the most popular luxury item in Chinese families in the 1960s and 1970s.

The sewing machine is the standard equipment for married men and women.

"The new three years, the old three years, and the sewing and mending for another three years." This dressing concept has accompanied the growth of several generations, making sewing machines an indispensable existence.

  With the development of the times, sewing machines are no longer a necessity in the family, and the clothes people wear basically come from the assembly line of the garment factory.

The household sewing machine, which carries the memories of the lives of generations, has gradually faded out of the public's field of vision, and has become a historical witness for people to look back at the past and the changes of the times.

  [Concurrent] Luo Junrong, Director of Taiyuan Sewing Machine Collection

  The sewing machine has been with people for more than half a century and nearly a hundred years of history. Through the sewing machine exhibition, visitors can recall the arduous and simple life in the 1960s and 1970s, and the arduous era of sewing and mending for the new three years and the old three years.

Through the exhibition of sewing machines, young people and elementary and middle school students can feel the improvement of my country's clothing level, thus witnessing the changes in my country's clothing, food, housing and transportation.

  Reporter Wang Huilin reports from Taiyuan, Shanxi

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]