Reality star Kim Kardashian West refers to the call "Stop hate for profit", where a number of companies and organizations in July paused their advertising on the platforms in criticism of their laxity about hatred and racism.

The call gained momentum after Facebook did not stop a page urging armed Americans to take to the streets of Kenosha to fight the protests against the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

"Can not watch quietly"

Kim Kardashian's protest continues on Wednesday, when nothing will be published for her 188 million followers on Instagram and 30 million followers on Facebook

"I love being able to connect directly with you through Instagram and Facebook, but I can not just quietly watch as these platforms continue to allow the spread of hatred, propaganda and misinformation - created by groups that want to share and divide the United States," he said. writes Kim Kardashian on social media.

The call is supported by a number of other celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Sarah Silverman and Leonardo DiCaprio.