Katy Perry has requested a court in the United States to impose a restraining order on an alleged stalker who wanted to enter the home of her and her husband Orlando Bloom.

This appears on Tuesday from court documents in the hands of





The man, 38-year-old William, is said to have jumped the fence of Perry's Bevery Hills home on September 8.

According to the security of the American singer, he planned to enter her house.

At the time, Perry, Bloom, her one-year-old daughter Daisy Bloom and nine-year-old Flynn Bloom were at home.

When the stalker refused to leave at the request of the security guards, he was placed under civilian arrest.

Not much later, he was also arrested by the police.

Until his hearing on October 8, he received a temporary area ban.

Perry fears the man will strike again.

"William has written on Twitter that he wants to break Orlando's neck. He has entered my property and is a violent threat to all of us."

"I now know whether this person owns or possesses firearms or other weapons. I am very concerned that he has or may have access to weapons. I fear for my own safety, that of my partner, my newborn child and our family."