A fire broke out on the Greek island of Samos on Tuesday evening near the Vathy refugee camp.

The online portal

Samos Today

reported that the fire was now halfway under control


The camp is not in danger, said Mayor Giorgos Stantzos the radio station Thema 104.6.

There were also first arrests.

Several men were therefore arrested by the police on suspicion of arson.

It is still unclear who the men were and what motives they were pursuing.

The fire broke out on Tuesday evening above the refugee camp, and the wind drove it up the mountain away from the camp.

Fortunately, the surrounding fields did not give the flames much food, they said.

According to the Greek Ministry of Migration, around 4,600 migrants live in the Vathy refugee camp on Samos, but the camp only has space for around 650 people.

Just a few days ago, the Moria refugee camp on the nearby island of Lesbos was almost completely destroyed in a major fire.

Around 12,000 people were left homeless.

According to the Greek government, the fires were set there by migrants to force them to leave the camp and the island.

The situation on Lesbos remains extremely tense.

Several thousand migrants have to sleep on the streets for the time being.

It could be weeks before everyone got a roof over their heads after the fire last Wednesday.

The authorities are looking for more places where tent camps can be set up.

The federal government is currently planning to take in around 1,500 people from the Greek islands.