Former and current TV presenters reacted in the "Journal des Médias" of Europe 1 to the announcement of the departure of Jean-Pierre Pernaut from 1pm on TF1.

From Anne-Sophie Lapix to Xavier de Moulins, everyone recognizes the talent and uniqueness of the man who embodied the midday newspaper for more than 30 years.

Some inevitably hope to recover part of the monster audiences that Jean-Pierre Pernaut achieves every day with his 1 p.m.

But all his competitors, presenters and presenters of JT, express their emotion at the announcement of the upcoming departure of the star of TF1.

Interviewed by Europe 1 in the 

Culture Médias program

, they pay tribute to the television juggernaut (some of whom have worked alongside him), and question the follow-up to the 13h of TF1, which will be embodied by the end of the year with a new face.

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The end of an era

Those who face Jean-Pierre Pernaut's newscast were all astonished at the sudden announcement of his departure.

"There is something that is eternity with Jean-Pierre Pernaut: he has always been there and we have the impression that he will be there forever", reacted Kareen Guiock, who confronts him every noon in the 


 of M6.

"This is the last big news star, the end of the days when a presenter ran a news for decades."

Only David Pujadas assures that he was not surprised by this announcement.

"I knew that Jean-Pierre said to himself that it had to end soon and that he wanted to choose the moment of his departure himself", reveals the former star of the 20h of France 2. "I did not not totally surprised, especially given what happened during the confinement, "adds the one who is now one of the faces of the TF1 group's news channel, referring to the break taken between March and June by Jean-Pierre Pernaut . 

The "Pernaut style"

The star presenter has, in more than 30 years, made his mark.

A capacity praised by its competitors and colleagues.

"'Making Pernaut' has become an expression among journalists," recalls Anne-Sophie Lapix, at the helm of the 20h of France 2 and former joker of the JT of Claire Chazal on TF1.

"It's unique in Europe to have a 40% market share, as it has done for many years", adds David Pujadas.

"Jean-Pierre Pernaut felt before anyone else the interest of the French for heritage. He is also the only presenter who does not have a teleprompter, who really speaks to people in the eyes."

"He has forged a link with the French which is unique", adds Xavier de Moulins, the presenter of


on M6.


"My JPP of love": Gilles Bouleau's message to Jean-Pierre Pernault who leaves at 1pm

Beyond the terroirs

Anne-Sophie Lapix and David Pudajas will not only retain the image of the bucolic Epinal of the 1pm of the 70-year-old journalist.

"He is so comfortable that he is particularly good in big news, explains the journalist from France 2. There are not only 'terroir' newspapers, he also shone in great moments like September 11th."

“I was a reporter for years at the start of my career with him, and there is a lesser known side of him,” David Pujadas says.

"When he decides to do a special edition on international subjects, it's square, angled, precise. In short, he also has this sense of information, which we forget a little."

Difficult succession

This unanimous praise therefore raises the question of the journalist who will take over from Jean-Pierre Pernaut after December 18.

According to Anne-Sophie Lapix, the pressure is important: "To present the 13h of TF1, it is to present the newspaper of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. It is a really particular exercise, therefore the task will not be easy for his successor."

"Who can replace Jean-Pierre Pernaut today?" Also asks Xavier de Moulins.

"I think there is no shortage of applications. But we have to be able to find the right profile which will have something which is both part of continuity and which is also a break in rhythm."

According to Thierry Thuillier, news director of the TF1 group, the time has not come for a change of tone for 1 p.m.

He would have explained to the teams of the chain that the highlighting of the regions and the proximity with the French would remain the DNA of the newspaper.

The replacement will have to adapt to the format, and not the other way around.

The name of the one who will take over from 1 p.m. is not yet known.

It is rumored, however, that the choice has already been made.

Thierry Thuillier would have assured that the identity of the new presenter of the 13h will be known soon.