A Jordanian university student burns himself on campus

Social networking sites in Jordan witnessed a state of outrage, after a university student burned himself inside Al-Isra University in the capital, Amman.

The student in his twenties, Ahmed Al-Shakhanbeh, had poured "benzene" on his body and set himself on fire inside the university.

Tweeters and activists attributed this to the university president’s refusal to meet the young man to consider his request to postpone the financial fees accrued to him due to the economic conditions.

The university rejected the story circulating on social media.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, "BBC", the student "suddenly went to the university, objecting to (his academic conditions) and demanding its immediate and immediate solution, and he confirmed that he did not want to meet any of the officials, threatening to burn himself directly and refusing to communicate to understand (the problem) or reach For sound academic settlements and solutions. "

The statement added that the student "... and in a sudden movement, set himself on fire by pouring a flammable substance, despite the university security man and one of the employees trying to prevent him and dissuade him from doing it."

As for the Ministry of Higher Education, it said that it is following the student’s case "vigorously and continuously," and asked the university president to "provide the ministry with a detailed and complete report showing the whole incident."

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