European milk powder is flooding Africa: disaster for the breeders?

Herd of cows in Benin RFI / Delphine Bousquet

By: Emmanuelle Bastide

1 min

With containment in Europe, European milk powder has found itself in overproduction and is invading West African markets more than ever.

In Senegal, imported powdered milk is 30% cheaper than that for breeders.

Competition often considered unfair.

What solutions to help African breeders?



Claire Fages

, journalist in the economics department of RFI, presenter of

La Chronique des Matières Libres

Bio Goura Soulé

, agroeconomist, technical assistant on livestock, transhumance and pastoralism issues on behalf of


Hindatou Amadou

, advocacy and gender manager at APESS (association for the promotion of Livestock in the Sahel and Savannah) and coordinator of the "

My milk is local"



, co-founder of

La laiterie du Berger


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