On September 15, the command center of the Jiaxing Detachment of the high-speed traffic police received an alarm from the masses, saying that a fire accident occurred near 127 kilometers (Tongxiang section) of the G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway towards Hangzhou. The command center immediately ordered a large group of police officers on duty nearby to rush. On-site disposal.

  It was discovered through public videos that a van was parked in the emergency lane and the fourth lane. Thick smoke accompanied by sparks came out from the front of the car. The fire was already very big and the cargo on the car started to burn.

The police officer on duty arrived at the scene and found that this Zhejiang license plate van was loaded with a frozen car. Because of the burning, the scene was accompanied by a strong smell of barbecue.

The driver, Master Qiao, said that he started from Shanghai and loaded a car of frozen meat worth about 40,000 yuan. When the vehicle passed the accident site, the vehicle suddenly appeared underpowered, so he planned to pull the vehicle over for inspection. At this time, Smoke and flames burst out from under the central dashboard of the vehicle. I quickly stopped the vehicle and rescued a dozen pieces of cargo. Then I saw the fire became bigger and ran away. Later, the vehicle's fuel tank also exploded. Fortunately, I ran away. Up.

  The fire was quickly put out by rescuers at the scene, but a truck of frozen meat was almost completely destroyed. Master Qiao shook his head while looking at it. The truck burned down and the frozen meat was useless.

  According to the high-speed traffic police, Master Qiao had his motor vehicle driver's license revoked for drunk driving 5 years ago. He just got a new driver's license this year and is still in the internship stage because Master Qiao has not driven a motor vehicle for three years during the internship period. Accompanied by the above-mentioned old driver, the police imposed a fine of 200 yuan on him.

(Xu Haifeng, Feng Hanlong, video source, Jiaxing Detachment, High-speed Traffic Police Corps)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]