A special birthday present released by comedian Yoo Se-yoon is crushing many people.

On the 13th, Yoo Se-yoon revealed a birthday gift she received from her mother on her Instagram.

In the photo, there was a handwritten letter containing her mother's sincerity, and her mother said, "I'm trying to trace my memories with you for a year now." I put it in the letter.

In particular, Yoo Se-yoon's mother recalled all the moments and repeated the words "I'm sorry" to add a sense of feeling. My mother said, "I'm 4 years old, I'm sorry that my mother went to work and couldn't play all day", "6 years old, I apologized as I recalled detailed memories such as "I'm sorry that I had to wash it off with water because I was living in a shabby house without a bath."

Yoo Se-yoon's mother also confessed that she cried in hiding when she watched her discharged son manage parking on a street full of smoke. "I'm sorry that when I passed the comedian exam, I was talking'my son is Se-yoon Yoo' all over the world." He confessed and laughed.

Lastly, he said, "Now my mother's memory, judgment, and patience are getting weaker. Not because I'm ugly, but because I'm getting old, so please turn away and ignore it." "Fill up your time without regrets I hope you go out."

In the heartfelt letter of Yoo Se-yoon's mother, not only netizens, but also fellow celebrities such as actor Lee Si-eon, singer Byeol, and Soyu, "You're wonderful", "It's an unforgettable gift", "I want to be a mother like my mother, I'm learning." You left a comment.

(Photo = Yoo Se-yoon Instagram)

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