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Global health crisis that seems endless, economic crisis whose consequences are unimaginable, major ecological crisis, entire swathes of our world seem to be shattering.

How, in this state of multiple crises, to cope with fear and anguish, without being either in denial or overwhelmed by panic?

This is the questioning of Fabrice Midal, philosopher, writer, founder of the Western School of Meditation.

After a webinar carried out during confinement, for caregivers and managers, the man with the famous yellow glasses offers a few side steps in

How to stay calm when everything collapses

(Flammarion Versilio, 17.90 euros), published today.

Common tests

In our podcast Minute Papillon !, Fabrice Midal talks about our common fears, since "only robots are not afraid".

But it is possible, he says, in the crisis we are going through, to see these upheavals as “an opportunity to rebuild everything.

»And gain serenity.

Faced with the disorders, even the chaos of life, he calls for action: "Humanity continues to experience trials, and continues to show the capacity to face them", he says.

To listen to Fabrice Midal talk about this journey, it's as easy as clicking in the audio player above.

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