Haiwainet, September 15th. As the opening of Hong Kong universities approaches, the chaos in Hong Kong is ready to move.

Recently, a Hong Kong University student complained to Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po", saying that the campus of Hong Kong University was full of propaganda advocating "Hong Kong independence" and inciting violence.

Hong Kong media reporters visited the campus of Hong Kong University for several days and found that the relevant propaganda was almost all over the campus. The campus TV controlled by the student union even openly played "Hong Kong independence" songs and so-called "struggle" videos.

Hong Kong media reporters asked the University of Hong Kong about this matter, but never received a reply.

  According to reports, major universities in Hong Kong will resume offline teaching in mid-to-late September. The University of Hong Kong has announced that classes will resume on September 22.

Many students have already returned to school to read books in the library.

Students from the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong complained to the "Wen Wei Po" a few days ago, claiming that the Hong Kong University Student Union had openly promoted "Hong Kong independence" on campus and posted propaganda inciting violence around the campus.

  "Many freshmen are about to enter the school. The student council is posting riots in Hong Kong everywhere. They are poisoning the freshmen, instilling in them the idea of'Hong Kong independence', advocating and inciting them to participate in rioting activities." The student bluntly said that the incitement to riots became more intense, but never Seeing any measures taken by the school to stop it, it is no wonder that the University of Hong Kong is called a "drug giant".

  "Wen Wei Po" reporters observed over the past few days that the school's publicity announcements were added every day, and the student union building was the worst-hit area. There were riot-inciting publicity announcements on the inside and outside of the door glass. Several pieces of glass had at least 100 stickers.

The notice board in the student union building was also completely occupied by the riots in Hong Kong, and the TV outside the student union played "Hong Kong independence" songs and videos about riots in Hong Kong for longer periods. The pictures deliberately vilified the Hong Kong police and incited sentiments against the police. The purpose is obvious.

  The riots in Hong Kong flooded the campus of the University of Hong Kong, causing dissatisfaction among many students.

This social science student bluntly said that because the students feared the influence of the Student Union, they dared not speak up.

Some mainland students revealed to the Hong Kong media that they had tried to report to the university earlier, but for some reason, the University of Hong Kong had not taken any action. It seemed that the student union had tacitly approved what the student union would do. The reporter asked the Foreign Affairs Office of the University of Hong Kong for a question, but until the press release. There has been no reply before.

  Recently, the University of Hong Kong has been frequently exposed to incite hatred.

On September 1st, the campus TV of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union altered the orientation video to openly advocate bullying and hatred of mainland students. On the 11th, the president of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union, Ye Zhilin, in her welcome speech to freshmen, blatantly attacked the police and the SAR government and continued to incite violence.

  In response to the various "excessive" words and deeds of the Hong Kong University Student Union, Liang Zhenying, the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the former chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, once reprimanded him, calling him "a frog in the bottom of a well and a arrogant arrogant man." Liang Zhenying also said, “It’s the easiest for people to think about it. However, people’s mouth is the head, behind the two eyes is the head, and behind the two ears is the head.” He believes that students should use their brains to think well and have their own. judgment. (Overseas Net Zhang Qi)