The literary season 2017 in a bookstore in France -


The great literary award season has started and some names keep coming back.

Eighteen titles in French and fourteen translations are in the first selection of the Femina Prize, and eleven titles in that of the December Prize, the juries announced on Monday.

The Femina is to be awarded on November 3, and December two days later.

The Femina jury raked a very wide net, between sure values ​​like Serge Joncour, or Marie-Hélène Lafon, who won the Nancy Booksellers Prize, and first novels like that of Laurent Petitmangin, Stanislas Prize.

Safe bets and early novels

For the December prize, alongside nine novels, there is a play (

Le Jeu des ombres

by Valère Novarina) and

Le Bonheur, sa tooth soft to death

, "philosophical autobiography" by Barbara Cassin, of the French Academy. .

Femina Prize, French Literature:

- Didier Blonde,

Address book of some fictional characters from literature


- Miguel Bonnefoy,



- Sarah Chiche,



- Thierry Clermont,

Barroco bordello


- Olivia Elkaim,

The Tailor of Relizane


- Oriane Jeancourt Galignani,

La Femme-Ecrevisse


- Serge Joncour,

Human nature


- Lola Lafon,


(Actes Sud)

- Marie-Hélène Lafon,

History of the son


- Hugo Lindenberg,

One day it will be empty


- Sarah Manigne,

Leaving Madrid

(Mercure de France)

- Diane Mazloum,

A swimming pool in the desert

(JC Lattès)

- Diane Meur,

Under the Sky of Men

(Sabine Wespieser)

- Laurent Petitmangin,

What it takes at night

(La Manufacture des livres)

- Patricia Reznikov,



- Florence Seyvos,

A Beast on the Watch


- Elisa Shua Dusapin,

Vladivostok Circus


- Angélique Villeneuve,

La Belle Lumière

(The Passage)

Femina Prize, foreign literature:

- Dulce Maria Cardoso,

Eliete, normal life


- Jeanine Cummins,

American Dirt

(Philippe Rey)

- Lucy Ellmann,

The Lionesses


- Yaa Gyasi,

Sublime kingdom


- Kiran Millwood Hargrave,

Les Graciés

(Robert Laffont)

- Nazanine Hozar,



- Deborah Levy,

The Cost of Living


What I Don't Want to Know

(Editions du Sous-Sol)

- Annalena McAfee,

Poison florilegium


- Colum McCann,



- Tiffany McDaniel,



- Eshkol Nevo,

The Last Interview


- Richard Russo,

Return to Martha's Vineyard

(Quai Voltaire)

- Eduardo Fernando Varela,

Patagonia route 203

(Métaillé) -

-Colson Whitehead,

Nickel Boys

(Albin Michel)

December price:

- Boris Bergmann,

The Insurgent Corps


- Barbara Cassin,

Le Bonheur, her sweet tooth to death


- Camille de Toledo,

Theseus, his new life


- Stéphanie Hochet,



- Lola Lafon,


(Actes Sud)

- Grégory Le Floch,

To travel the world and to roam there

(Christian Bourgois)

- Hervé Le Tellier,



- Celia Levi,

La Tannerie


- Laurent Mauvignier,

Stories of the Night


- Valère Novarina,

The Game of Shadows


- Jean Rolin,

Le Pont de Bezons



Renaudot Prize: Véronique Olmi, Serge Joncour and Jean Rolin are among the selected authors


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