Reem Al-Baroudi "insulted" Ahmed Saad after the plastic surgery

Actress Reem Al-Baroudi sparked a wave of widespread controversy on social media platforms after her "abusive" comment, against the background of her ex-husband, the popular singer Ahmed Saad, undergoing plastic surgery in the lower half of his face, and Al-Baroudi placed the comment on a picture of Ahmed Saad before and after the operation, but she was quick to delete the post. After I faced a lot of criticism.

"Arab Wood" was the first to publish the comment on the Instagram platform, before the photo and comment turned into the talk of the hour,

knowing that Ahmed Saad was her husband and the closest people to her for many years.

A plastic surgeon, Shadi Ismail, revealed a few days ago that Ahmed Saad had undergone a plastic surgery with the jaw, in order to highlight the features of masculinity, in the jaw and chin line, and the doctor indicated that he used cosmetic fillings to re-sculpt the lower half of Ahmed Saad's face.

Shady published a group of photos of Ahmed Saad's face before and after the operation, through his personal page on the Facebook site, to clarify the difference. Strobe (jaw and chin line).

Artist Ahmed Saad recently announced his engagement to model Alia Bassiouni, saying, "Today is my birthday and my engagement."

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